Way Of The Dodo

Hi All, good to see Martin and crew stuck in with this sim. Now the frustration of this online version is again creeping into my life.

I am about to reset my enterprise again for the 3rd time because (even scheduling 72 hrs ahead) I’m not getting any PAX, just cargo (<10%).

I was flying (for example); A333 , Major cities, good in-flight service (certainly better than the shit I was fed on my last J flight). I’ve changed seat configurations 3 times, and my prices are cheaper than competitors who are flying mostly fully booked flights.

When living in Oz, I purcased copies of versions 5 and 6 software when they were released, so I know this is just a matter of finding a way to get a foothold somewhere. But I’ll start on a different server. Any suggestions (other than go ef yourself type advise)?

I’ve been at Tempeholf for my last 2 enterprises. However, this server has only twice given me access to the ORS, otherwise it’s down (the message is polite however). Could this be the reason I’ve had no loads? If so, what gives with my credits doods?

Either way, I’ve got nearly 300 credits left so, I’ll be here for a while yet trying to crack this s.o.b. Any tips regarding what to do with my time online with you guys would be appreciated. Maybe you avsim guys could give new enterprises a ‘leg-up’, maybe by indicating which airports have the most potential? But you guys now you’re stuff, so maybe this is something you could incorporate in the upcomming ‘marteking’ options. I can see however, that this is where some cheating potential issues might complicate things.

Otherwise, I’m feeling I’m sort of late to the party, and all the servers now seem (to me anyway) dominated by just a few dozen aviagarts(?). And there’s a very good reason why I’ve been busy the last few years, and I’m sure a few of you aviagarts made A$ from my real life travel statistics. So I want in damn IT. Just a small piece of the avsim cake, and not crumbs rolled off the floor that the dog eats before you can get to them. Otherwise I taking my toys to another pram :- P

I realise that a lot will be trail and error on this sim to find profitable routes and what not, but it would be nice to start a game showing some results for One’s time within a few hours. As frustrating as the first avsims were, at least I could be my own avigart in my own home with little to no frustraltion. Which leads to one of the most important constructs of avsim, and whether it will currently work basing this sim on real life figures. Lets face it, the current world economy is deliberatly being imploded in order for the few that control the most wealth (fiat currency mainly), can achieve the ultimate aim of any meglomaniacs; world domination. Come on guys, the oldest in the book.

So, knowning that they will not get what they desire, it still won’t stop them collapsing most of the world’s major economies.

But let’s face it, when all we have is an economy based on debt it wouldn’t be too hard to do for the turds that control the private central banks to call-in the debt we have all acumulated one way or another; be it through mortages (IOU notes), or by proxy sell-out politicians who slowly changed their nations laws for the central banks to loan money back to the same nations with interest added. Talk about a scam.

Based on this, I think everyone of our airlines will go the way of the dodo (good name for my next enterprise). What will happen to the PAX loads worldwide on avsim when the Italian economy tanks-out? Alitalia was already hanging on to the skin of it’s teeth for economic survival. Iberia? Quantas? AA? …? ?

I think we would all be wise to start investing now in something more tangible for the future, whatever that may be, at least while we still have online internet connections we can start these online. Maybe avsim and Us could create a newer and better base of economy, using credits was a good start. The fact is this, we are all living our own experiences in our own made realities. A wise geezer called Gandhi once said; "be the change you want to see". Cool, I want to see us All be aviagarts.

At the very least re-think using the real-life based PAX loading stats for our sim, otherwise I fell I’ll be investing a lot time and my credits for nothing, not to mention the grief of watching my hard-worked enterprises go bust, again, and again.

Seriously though, great job Martin & Company with this sim. Now for it to work long-term, you’re going to have to play the big G and create a new reality online for us. Like I said, using credits was a good start and we can buy them online with whatever is trading at the moment. I’ll be trading silver, tabacco and land when fiat currency is seen for what it is; “Promise to pay the bearer” yep, that’s reasuring comming from the lying, thieving and genocidle rothchilds & Co. Worthless.

And if my previous experience with avsim is anything to go by, this sim will be worked at and flogged by tptb at avsim until the internet is no more.

Thanks in advance for any advise and/or tips given regarding new enterprises. Regarding the economy thing, I do know this: Das jetzige System ist gebrochen (kaputt).

And thanks for reading all this, but then maybe my intention was to distract you long enough for me to take-over your routes,

just kidding, or am I.?.

Ciao all.

Hello Payul,

what do you expect from a simulation, if you are already in the founding of a company in Europe assume that you are such a big plane like a A330-300 will get full? And just in Europe, where nearly all newcomers to start.

Have you ever looked into the AirlineSim Tutorial? Then you could even prevent many problems from the start. It is really useful to read in this first. But of course it is tempting to start with the largest aircraft and then even in a large European city. Just where will the passengers come from all of a sudden? Other companies have long been on the market and the price is not everything.

Pick the best one gap in the market. Again and again abandoned airports that are large enough to build its own hub system. Again and again, companies go bankrupt. Sometimes it is the last in the country and you could start there. I first tried it on Idlewild also in Europe and could not really take hold. The market there is just for advanced users or you need a lot of luck.



To my knowledge, we never had versions 5 and 6… You must be referring to “Airlines”, yet a different airline simulation on the internet (and in fact, to my knowledge only available as single player download, play against the PC). I wouldn’t be too sure that experience in that game give you that much of a base to start from on AirlineSim. ;)

Thanks guys, good advice.

Basically build a small network of flights and expand for the sake of connections. I can’t quite remember seeing that in the tutorial, but what do you expect from someone who buys the magazines for the pictures (yes, those to).

Not sure regarding the Avsims I purchased. The first was definately on cd, v 6.0 I think was an upgrade download. Many moons ago now.

Thanks again for the replies.

I’m a noob here, but I’ve already launched and folded 3 airlines in half a week before I got a hang of how to do things. Even then I probably made a mistake with this current one. Either way, you need to find an underserved airport and use smaller aircraft at the start. I bought 4 ATR-72-210s (probably should’ve leased 4-6 Q400’s instead but that’s another rookie mistake) and found some routes that are underserved and started flying them. With my 4 planes I’m now serving 16 cities daily and will soon split my schedule onto a MoWeFrSu/TuThSa split with four different cities on each split (total of 32 cities served each 2 day period). Try something like that and you’ll find profitable routes and not-so profitable routes. Add flights to your profitable routes and cut out the bad ones. You’ll make money then.

Once again, I’m a newbie too. I’m still learning the ropes, but do this and you’ll find some good routes. You’ll probably have to chagne your schedule dozens of times in the first few weeks, but it will work.

double post

All the servers (except maybe Stapleton) are pretty “mature” at this point and, making matters worse for start-ups, economies of scale in this game (not unlike real life) are huge. When I started playing a year ago, I had three airlines going on three separate servers and just tried different things until one of the three finally started making money (flying leased CRJ700s), at which point I went from there. FWIW, it sounds like you’ve got this figured out, but leasing dominates buying, especially at start-up. (In fact, buying at start-up will almost certainly doom your airline.) Also, at least in my experience, the big airlines tend not to be predatory, although they may neglect to notice a smaller operator trying to make ends meet and “inadvertently” crush them. If you can kind of stay out of their way (by not trying to establish a hub where their hubs are already operating), that would probably help you get things going.

Good luck with it all,


I agree with the older servers being a little hard to establish in.

Also just to check, your flying routs to which you have traffic rights?

I started up with 737’s on Stapleton, because interestingly enough my domestic market was flooded.

Make sure you interline with other airlines to share connections with them.

Finally, next time you restart, look around the world first and check out some undeserved major airports then create your hub there.

It is sad to see that many people made the same mistakes when the start an airline. I know it’s hard to resist against the “old” player in europe, mayby also in the US, but the writers above said it clearly: Don’t try to start in full served markets.

At Tempelhof there are much unserved countries and markets. For example: Manila. There are only smaller competitors. Or if you like it harder try China: Many medium airports which are underserved.

Or take 3-4 Q400, a 737-700, bith with better seats, and make a hub in WAW. I know I said to you don’t try europe, but in poland there are only two very small airlines with only a few aircrafts. You can make flights to the other cities in Poland (four 4-rated and two 5-rated airports) and with the 737 you try bigger cities like FRA, LHR/LGW/LTN…, CDG/ORY, MUC, VIE, ZRH,…this can’t go wrong.

best regards


Start with Q400s. Don’t worry about increasing your destinations as yet. Concentrate on a few really profitable routes - and INTERLINE! That will give you a good flow of pax to support a future route expansion.

When you start expanding routes, make sure you have a wave structure (look at airport transfer time). That will give you even more pax - you’ll have pax flying direct to your hub, and those connecting to your other flights.

For me, after I got around 10-15 aircraft, Interlining was an absolute key to get pax from competitors. Offer good seats and great service - 5 star service though expensive will give you a higher margin because you can charge higher.

Lastly, increase your staff wages. Overall, the cost of this is very low but a staff mood of 5 will give you even more pax - excellent value for money.

Hope that somewhat helps. All the best!


Excellent advice thanks all. DoDo Airways seems to be working.

Mea culpa on the first couple of enterprises, I didn’t tick-off the damn “reset only option”, and because I switched airports every time my “TRAFFIC RIGHTS” effed me up as I could delete the main office.

In the defence of my (over-worked) brain, I do seem to recall the last stand-alone airline sim I played had the traffic rights incorporated into the planning schedule. But now I know better.

Thanks again for the replies, and my all your travels be sweet.