Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Ok, people. This is probably a PR nightmare, but I don’t give a shit!

I’m so sick and tired of all this that I have trouble expressing it. We are one single developer who has never learned computer science (me) and a community manager who’s doing all of the work for AS next to his day-job for barely any pay (sk) who wanted to make this game - which was our beloved hobby for many years - better and available to more people. The alternative would have been for me to pick up regular job and shut AirlineSim down.

For fuck sake we do a lot to keep this game running! I am working ridiculous 7 days a week to keep this damn game running and I’m happy when we make a profit at the end of the months - real profit kids, not some kind of stupid “oh my god I have 10% less revenue I’m dying!!!” playmoney kind of profit! We spend buttloads of money on better hardware so we do not have to turn off features everyone loves and demands.

And what do we get? Some people who build up airlines with thousands of aircraft wine about not having the time to react when the marked changes! Excuse me? You think a real world CEO faced by a recession or unforeseen events can just show up at the Vatican and demand god to fix the economy for him because "adjusting everything is so tedious"? Some kids who pay less than the price of the beer per month to play complain about them not being treated like paying customers.

That my friends, is the best way to keep us motivated to keep going despite all the issue we never keps a secret or denied. I feel like shutting everything down and actually do something in life that’s not as depressing and disappointing as working on this game and in this kind of climate.

No further comment from me on this topic. If you want to quit and play one of the 1000 so much better airline simulation out there: Feel free to go! Every euro less in revenue for us is one more argument for quitting this shit.

If I would fight against all arguments are posted by users due to shit which doesn´t work I would be also tired…

And that you are the only person developing is no argument my friend. We are paying for and we are expecting something. Doesn´t matter if you are happy with that or not. The big problem of you and AS is, that you don´t understand what a provider has to do.

And comments from sk in which he is just laughing about other players who can´t understand what is happening on the server and their airline is crashing due to "trial-by-error"update have absolutely nothing to do with a community-manager or PR (Public relations…please read a discription about these two words!).

That all are house-made problems and can only be solved by a house-made solution which seems to be fair and shows a way out for the users and their airlines.

And if you are now thinking "fuck off" after you red that, then you are wrong with providing this game. Stop it, do a regular job and earn your regular income.

What’s your job actual? Don’t you have one or how can you talk such stupid stuff? This situation is like a bus driver have to drive, maintain the bus and give you some soft drinks and food for your trip. That is what you want to get but actual the bus driver is just driving the bus…

[b]Didn’t saw for so long such an ignorance of this community!


Fencc, you are the only user with this position…?!?

Yes somebody must drive the bus, but that´s not all and can´t work on a long view. You need also somedbody to maintain and for the service - and if there´s nobody your business won´t work. I think you will agree…very easy to understand. Please try to copy that to AS…

I´m working day by day… And the main-part of my job is providing customer-services. I know what it means to work for customers, to provide them a service and to act for their satisfaction. A customer isn´t interested in what´s not possible…just a solution and possible things are interesting for them. And that´s okay - they are paying fees and service-charges for it. So they are paying my income…

WTF??? Is the community out of mind? Martin does a great job. I have great fun with AS. Martin and sk, please keep on doing this great game.

No… he isn’t the only user with this position…

I really think this is an amazing game and there is no better aviation or even business simulation on the web !

And I know that it´s hard to earn money with that …

As well I´m really pleased with your work on new aircrafts and on the airport data !

BUT : I really have a problem how sk reacted to the community who complained about the issues. I´m really happy if you can keep the dev work up, but the relation to the players has to be better and sk had a attitude in this discussion which crossed certain bounds.

I don’t have an airline in Nicosia, but I kind of wish I did. I’ll agree that the reasons for this 10% drop in passengers are less than ideal, but the fact it has happened is actually just the sort of challenge for which I play Airlinesim. I’ve played other Airline Simulations before and always get to the stage where I am bored as there is nothing more to do except buy more planes and make more profit. I for one don’t play simply to sit at the top of a leaderboard and congratulate myself on doing so well, I play to enjoy the challenge of a simulation where there is real competition, and that’s something I’ve found here which I haven’t found elsewhere.

I think Martin and Sk do a great job with this simulation, and it can’t be easy having to keep upgrading servers to keep dealing with bigger and bigger airlines. Maybe for the future you should build into the code something whereby when certain triggers are met (x airlines earning over a certain amount, or y number of flights in total for example) it simulates a global recession or major incident which reduces passenger numbers. That way the system would be self-correcting in terms of performance, and it would give us all a bit of a challenge to get our teeth into. Just a suggestion.

Keep up the good work guys…


Maybe it would better for some people to play AirlineTycoon. You can use "Donaldtrump" as often as you want and no one will disturb you and your giant airline.

Martin said it clear: No real CEO can say: “I (don’t) want changes”. Yes, you are consumers, but this don’t mean you can say: “Make the 787 today or I leave”.

My margin has decreased more than 60%. And I DON’T say: “This is not my fail, it’s a fail os AS!” I now its my fail, because i have reacted to slowly. Life is hard, also in AS. It’s a dynamic game, and you have to react or better to act.

Look at Austrian Airlines: The most time the CEO’s say that Emirates, OMV, Vienna Airport, LH (because the don’t give them new aircraft) or others are the reason why the don’t make money, but the don’t want to realise that maybe the CEO’s are the problem.


It was not my intention to laugh at you or other players. But the discussion is running round and round here and there simply is no new argument to be brought which may result in other options we can do to solve the situation in a relative short period. Therefor I was responding to the also repeating “I lost x%” messages - which btw. doesn’t help if they got repeated - by my personal experience. No bad thoughts on that so sorry for any feelings this may caused.

But as written before by Martin - the demand on your flights can change. There is no rule stating that each player has the right to have the same demand on every day. I guess our problem is, that the demand has been a long time the same level - unlike the reality!

I written allready my opinion in the other of thousands thread’s. Maybe here somebody will think about this.

What happens if you just increase the volume of passengers by +10%. Everybody ist happy for now and if you can fix the problem one day we can reduce the volume of pax by -10%.

You dont get any complaints anymore and the customers are happy.

How the community talks to the team and the team talks to the community is (and believe me) right now extremely bad. I never see like this here somewhere else.

Liebe Grüße


Just keep it how it is right now.

Everyone who plays AS, wants a Simulation and not a second Airline Tycoon like Flanker just wrote.

If you have problems to get your Planes full, sell them or give them back, if you are unable to handel them ;)

So @ Patrick I just read your thread with Berlin, see it as an Opportunity to reduce your fleet and Berlin could be closed ;)

Everytime AS adds or changes something, some people start to bitch arround… just read the description of AS, and you will figure out, that is a SIMULATION and not the paradise of wishes!

Woke up to 4 messages today, that 4 of the bigger airlines that I am interlining with had gone bust. :unsure:

Maybe we should come to a more constructive approach instead of flaming.

There is some lack of ressources in game-development. Martin could not work 8 days/week instead of 7. And I think he’s already working well below any minimum wage.

So, there’s a lack of money to buy additional ressources. Real € or $ not AS$!

My idea is to make some players (who can afford) paying monthly contribution (that includes x holdings) and give those some kind of VIP-treatment - but no IG-advantages. Contribution could be 10-15 € /month. Thats possible even with a mediocre income in Europe. And the "kids" can still play for 3 €/month.

I think we, as a commutity, should discuss about such an option with the team.

Pretty much this… I understand that by now it has come from both sides, but still, keep it civilized guys. I’ll refer you to the Netiquette, point 3, which states that all users are to "[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Please also ensure that your posts are appropriate for a family audience."[/size][/color]

[color="#1C2837"] [/color]

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Take it to heart, discuss all you want, but don’t let it turn hostile. Oh, and don’t go running in circles, that’s another thing in the Netiquette… [/size][/color]

[color="#1C2837"] [/color]

[size="2"][color="#1c2837"][quote name=‘miki’][/color][/size][color="#1C2837"][size="2"]What happens if you just increase the volume of passengers by +10%. Everybody ist happy for now and if you can fix the problem one day we can reduce the volume of pax by -10%.[/size][/color]



[color=#1C2837][size=2]You dont get any complaints anymore and the customers are happy.

[color="#1C2837"] [/color]

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]I’m not sure, but it may actually bring back the problem that caused the need for the fix in the first place. The problem was with the extremely high amount of bookings that needed to be made. The optimization has reduced the load that causes, but now you want to add 10% on top of what it has to do? I could imagine that having quite a large impact on game performance.[/size][/color]

And what happens if we just reduce the Slot’s in LAX and PHX?

Liebe Grüße


Nothing, as this has nothing to do with slots

Maybe yes. The connections will go back due they are less flights … ?!

Hä?! If the solts are filled, who will decide wich flights to delete as for less slots?!?! … it is just no option at all!!

No just for new flights.

Or you split it in 2 Blocks. The Server will solve first from 00:00 to 11:59 and later from 12:00-23:59.

I don’t know if it works but hey i’m looking for solutions.