Welcome Berlin New Airport

Finally after 9 years of delay, the Berlin new airport entered into service yesterday. Looking forward to seeing it added in the game soon.

Since the new airport will replace two old ones, is it going to be added in the game simply using the data of two old airports?

An interesting report from the English language channel of Deutsche Welle

I have personal ticket with the first SAS flight between Copenhagen and Berlin brandenburg, and i fly in the eavning from Berlin til AMS-AAL with KLM.

Berlin Brandenburg (BER) is now open on Ellinikon server.
TXL and SXF demand is now at 0.
Does this mean airlines will have to manually reschedule all existing flights from these old airports to the new one?
I have not seen any official notification regarding this process.
Anyone can throw little light on this subject?

Exact, that is the way to do it…

For airlines that don’t move their flights, they will most likely be ground networked to Brandenburg. Flights can still fly in/out of Tegel/Schonefeld, but the demand will be GN from Brandenburg instead of the direct demand - demand in the old airports is 0, but the airports kinda have to stay open on the old servers so as to not mess with FPs.

Imagine the airlines in legacy GWs hubbed in Tegel/Schonefeld. Those have some rescheduling to do…

this was specified by Spezialist on discord last month