Welcome to the new forums!


Just as recently announced, we have migrated our forums to a different software today, namely Discourse.

Obviously, a lot has changed. And we know it can be annoying to switch from an old familiar tool to a completely new and unfamiliar one. But trust me when I say that we (the team and the moderators) are learning the ropes along with you.

At this point, I just wanted to let you know the most important differences and known issues:

  • Generally, all posts and users (with at least one post) have been migrated, so all the content should be there.
  • While Discourse does support BB code for formatting, it was not handled correctly during the conversion. Due to this, a lot of posts that made use of BB features (especially tables) look garbled now. We’ll fix those over time if the respective posts are still relevant.
  • Files uploaded to the old forums should still be there and have been converted to links embedded in the posts. Because Discourse has some nifty preview and embedding features for links, images will typically be displayed right where they belong.
  • Most of the old categories still exist. Note that Discourse has a slightly different approach to categories and it’s common to post directly on the parent category. Since we’ve always used parent categories just as such, please continue to open “general” topics in the “General” category, not directly on “English Boards”.
  • Pinned threads: With the way Discourse displays things, pinned posts take up a bit more space and we’ll evaluate over the coming weeks which ones still make sense.
  • “About the X category” threads: Discourse automatically creates such a thread in each category. It will take us a bit longer to fill all of them with proper content instead of the default text.

I think these are the most important things for now. As said, we have to familiarize us with Discourse as well and learn all the new features it offers and the things it does differently. Please let us know if you really miss some functionality…maybe it’s there but it’s just hard to find or works differently. We’ll figure it out!


The new private messages section doesn’t show the thread (i.e like the old one, or gmail) so you can’t see the what you’d already replied unless you close the ‘compose’ window and go back to sent.

Also, I assume it’s to stop spam, but you also can’t copy & paste the same message into two replies. This is probably fairly unimportant for most people but when I’m replying to multiple users with the same info about a private game world it get’s a bit annoying.


Also, I seem to have lost some of my private messages. I can see my reply in the Sent folder, but there’s nothing in the Inbox. We’re currently trying to recruit for Reality and I’ve lost the record of who’s been in touch.


Have you tried going here: https://forums.airlinesim.aero/u/martin/messages There you can see a list of threads, each of which look and work like a forum thread. So the editor opens above the previous posts, not on an extra page.

I’ve only found a setting that prevents identical titles. Does that resolve your problem?

That’s possible since we only imported user accounts that had at least one public post on the forums. Sorry if some PMs got lost because of that!


Would the people who sent me messages still be able to see the reply or is that gone too?

The copy & paste reply thing did have the same title as it was a reply, so that was possibly it.


Pretty sure that’s gone as well.


One more practical tip on how to use Discourse:

Since Discourse emphasizes conversations over boards, it makes sense to use the “latest” page to see what’s going on. It shows you every new post and thread on the forums.

If you don’t want to see - say - German or Chinese posts in your “latest” section, you can mute the respective boards. Just open it, click on the “circle button” in the upper right and click “muted”. Voila, posts and new threads from the respective boards (and likely its child boards) will not show up anymore.