What am I missing?

Hi everyone,

My company’s main base is SDQ (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).

One of my aircraft flies following daily rotation;


Note that my flights are not "SDQ-HAV via PTY" and "PTY-SDQ via HAV", but all separate flights

SDQ-PTY and PTY-SDQ sell out in no time, and SDQ-HAV seems to sell ok, but I’m not getting ANY passengers on my rotation PTY-HAV. My rating on these flights is good for economy and very good for business. My prices are lower than my competition, but their flights are ALL fully booked?!! Am I doing something wrong? Am I not allowed to schedule flights between two airports that are not my home base?

Thanks for the assistance!!


You have got no rights to transport passengers between Cuba and Panama (two third states).

You can only transport passengers to and from your home COUNTRY (Dom.Rep.) except for cases with additional freedoms.

Take a careful look at this article, it should help