What makes a successful airline?

For all the pro’s out here, what makes a successful airline? What kinds of strategies work best? What pricing, aircraft type (and age), seats, routes, waves, etc?

I don’t think anyone will give you all the details to their strategy (if it would even be applicable in general because my strategies are highly dependent on choices like starting hub and server), and neither do I think will make for a great playing experience. At least I found it to be fun to do my own research, try strategies and see what works.

That said I can give you some general tips (most, if not all, can be found elsewhere on this forum)

  • Build hubs, don’t try to a point-to-point model. To make airlines successful you need loads of successful flights and the best way to make as flight successful in the game is to give it a lot of connections. Therefor, build a big hub.
  • On old servers high quality seats are the best bet for a successful airline. On newer servers the system changed so price is more important and thus somewhat lower quality seats.
  • And waves differ a bit between countries and hubs. Western Europe has much shorter distances for a lot of flights than say Australia. This has an effect on what time between waves works well. In general 3 or 4 waves per day is a good starting point. (8 hours in-between waves or 6 hours in between waves).

Everything else will quickly become very specific to certain locations, a players goals and situation (age of server, competition, fuel prices, etc.).

I hope this will help.

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Thanks!! I’ve been looking around and i’ve seen some vague posts about prices–some mentioning that successful airlines can sustain a 70% profit margin for a month or so and can have over 50% profit margin on every flight. I’ve been trying to increase prices exponentially and I’ll see where that takes me.