What region is most fun to start in?

Just as a pre-face for the new server - based on experience where do you find AS most fun? I don’t mean to cause an argument just looking for opinion to make life easier for newer players like me. If you can write a couple of sentences about your choice that would be great.

I do realize most people haven’t played in all regions…

Doesn’t this depend on your own imagination and preferences where you already know a region or not?

Each region has strong and week points but each country is a good market in a new server. You can dominate markets easily with a high profit rate.

Europe and North America, as well as some parts of Asia tend to be easy at the beginning of a server, but will develop fierce competition (as they are the biggest markets).

Africa has it’s own beauty, only this is finding suitable routes and matching equipment to the traffic streams (which can be more like a trickle). You can cover huge distances without really transporting a lot of passengers here ;) .

Oceania is a cool place to start out, too. NZ and AUS grant each other domestic traffic rights in BOTH countries.

South America is a different story, because of its two faces. On the one hand, there’s Brazil with its huge domestic network, then Argentina and Chile, which are worthwhile, too (not to forget Colombia). And then come the second-tier countries with limited demand but still lots of neighbours and the possibility of heavy longhaul traffic to Spain and Portugal.

I also loved the Carribean with its medium-long distances to cover. A perfect place to generate connecting passengers, really!

To cut this short: Each region proves to be a different challenge. You can probably grow large anywhere, if you do it right!

You forgot Africa… :wink:

You forgot to read the second paragraph.

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Very interresant. I never think like that.

I vote in Brazil (I’m Brazilian, hahaha, it’s the best for me, forever =D) but i will launch an company In Brazil and in US when this server start =D (Only for see that. It’s interresant this message.) I don’t understand how do you tried to say with "two faces" in South America. Brazil is a good country to create an company, With the croydon competition I created an company on him (And in Tempelhof too).

Ancious 4 today =D

(Sorry for my english errors, when i said here, i’m brazilian, don’t speak much english, only the simple =D)

Dear DMLandsoon:

Well, two faces: Brazil is a very large domestic market, by far the largest for the whole region. Therefore, demand for domestic flights is very different from e.g. Bolivia or Ecuador. In Brazil, you can spend a very long time not offering a single connection to another country. This is not the case for the two countries mentioned before :) .

lol… this guy (the person who posted the poll) forgot south asia… :) you know it’s an area between china,south-east asia and middle east. Only about 1.5 billion people live here and there is a little bit of economic activity here as well apart from the elephant taxis as you must imagine… :)

For me Middle East includes all that you are on about - it is a question of perception.