what to do to go public?

Hello all,

hoping you can help me with my question.

I have a company for a while and I would like to go public, buy and sell shares, etc. What are the requirements for this?


Anybody any help please ? I would like to know what are the rules of creating IPO, buying, sellling shares, etc. ?

First off, it must be a subsidiary, not your primary holding, so that stewardship of the subsidiary can be transferred if you sell a majority of the stock off. You must have been operating for a certain amount of time (I think two weeks - from the game instructions), and have a credit rating of A or better (from the wiki).

To buy into an IPO, you must have a certain amount of equity ($20million) plus the available cash.


what is the best way to increase the equity if I have some spare cash?

Invest in more planes ;) (Lease!)

Equity is the book value of your owned planes, owned buildings, and owned seats. Going with the first two will save you some money, (but only if you’ve purchased them without taking a loan) but overall owned seats on more leased planes will generate more revenues than buying planes and buildings.

It took a couple months before I built up enough equity to play on the stock market with the big kids.

If you invest the right Airlines, the stock market can be a very useful (and vital) source of income. Don't dive straight into the deep end though ;)