When will the airport data be updated? Will Beijing Daxing airport be added to the game?

When will the airport data be updated? Will Beijing Daxing airport be added to the game?

As announced in the new post “starting into 2020” we’re currently working on an airport data patch, which will add many new airports, also including Daxing airport.

Any ETA when this patch will be ready?

Will this be including demand updates, like demand bar changes?

It’s a pity that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, it’ll probably take a long time to obtain un-distorted demand data for Daxing Airport.

The CAAC releases its official airport passenger and cargo figures in a nice spreadsheet at the end of April. Provisional figures for Daxing showed it handled 3 million passengrs in its first 3 months. In the first month only China United flights took place. A lot more flights were due to start on Jan 1. I believe that the estimates for 2020 was for 25-30 million passengers. I expect a 7 bars for passengers.
The opening of the new Qingdao airport doesn’t seem to have happened. It was due to open in November but has still not happened. It will takeover the TAO code
The new runway and terminal for Haikou should have occurred in mid December. Still nothing on this.
The new Chengdu Tianfu airport is on schedule for a 2021 opening. This will be the new main airport for Chengdu and the existing airport will remain open. The code will be TFU
The new Dalian airport will hopefully open in 2021. This will be the worlds largest off shore airport. It will take over the DLC code.

The new Dalian airport has a long way to go. I’ll say 2025 at least.

This patch was announced for the first quarter of 2020. Will it happen in time? It would be my birthday wish… A patch as my present…

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That was the plan, but the patch is getting bigger than we thought and we just ran out of time. We’ve identified more than 400 additions and changes and we’ll still need more time for those. I don’t think just cutting of some of those only to release something earlier would have been a good idea, we’ll rather invest some more time for a complete patch. I’m hoping for a release end of April.

Thanks for your answer, Spezialist.

Will the ASPERN update the new airport data?

Yes, the airport data is meant to be rolled out to all game worlds, including Aspern.

Sorry to bother you again. How can I change the company name in the game world?

By reporting your own company.

Is there any hope that we will see the new airport data patch released on all servers soon? Quarter II is nearly over…

Yes, if all goes well from a technical perspective, we should have rolled out both the airport data patch and the new relative demand data to all game worlds at the end of the month.


Just spotted the blog about the patch schedule. Great news, thank you for this! :slight_smile:

Apart from the relative demand data, does the airport patch also address the absolute numbers for airports? (Translated into the green bars)
For quite some of airports that have seen alot of growth the past decade this is clearly outdated. I would totally understand you cannot do all at once; in that case any idea when we can expect an “absolute” airport data update?

Thanks again for the work on the upcoming patch!

Are slots going to be updated in this game world patch?

When will the list of changed and additional airports be available for us?

There’ll be a PDF with the changes in tomorrows blog post as usual.

Some airport size and slot updates were already in the last big data patch, so not many slots to expect this time - e. g. IST already got additional slots when it moved to the new location.

Only for a few (and the overall demand will increase, also thanks to the new airports) - but that might rather be the focus of a future data patch. We’re also thinking about ways to easier update demand numbers globally. Right now we’d have to edit every airport individually and that’s very impractical.