Where is the Sukhoi Superjet 100? :)

I think that this plane could be added in AS. What are you think?

Regards from Barcelona!


Whenever reliable performance data is available, it’ll be added… After the overhaul of the aircraft performance system of course, before that’s done we won’t be adding any aircraft to the game.

Yeah that plane looks pretty cool. It was just released commercially though so it will probably take a while to introduce it to the game.

But you guys should definitely add it when it becomes possible.

Oh, we intend to, just like the 787 and several other new types which I have forgotten which they are exactly. When the new system is in place, work will resume to try and get the newly available aircraft types in game. This time, they should be balanced with all others (unlike the CRJ1000 at the moment…)

Oh it’s just the typical AS behaviour, not adding russian new planes (An-148 and SSJ) but adding like the A33F and CRJ1000

Damn you got us, I guess we have to put in these 100seating, 12000km range and only burning a few hundred of litres JET A1 aircraft…

Maybe it’s because the CRJ1000 and 330-200F are delivered with realistic data by the manufacturer?

And as mentioned a lot of times before, we are going to implement them, but not with this performance system we have at the moment. Because this would make them inusable.

Yeah sure make fun of An and SSJ, there is plenty of reliable information of the fuel consumption and performance on RUnet.

Especially you guys should be easy able to find this information with exact charts.

Damn the An-148 is flying for more than two years already in passenger service.

keep cool

first the new performance system, then the new types…

and 14 units delivered of your AN-148 till June… oh my god…

the world collapses

Still more than the A330F and CRK :wink:

Anyone has any idea of when the new performance system will be upgraded?

When its done :) . It will still take several months, at least.