Why a sudden change in demand?

Hi there!

I am quite surprised to what happened in one of the routes I operate. At the beginning it had 100% occupation, but since the change of week it has dropped to 38%!!!!!!!! And I didn´t change anything, nor a/c, nor service onboard, nor crew salary or cabin configuration. And I am the only operator of the route, in the ORS I have the top qualification.

Can you bring some light on it please? The only reason I can imagine is related with the timetable of the flights, but it didn´t change neither!!!

To be the only nonstop operator and to be en top of the ORS ranking doesn’t mean that there is no other way to travel. It might also be possible that you had a lot of transfer passengers on board which now might have found another way and don’t use your flight as part of their journey.

I agree. I would look to other competitors on the airports, offering 1 stop flights. Your former passengers may also have found a ground-service to a nearby airport where your competitor flies from/to.

Well, it sounds reasonable, but still weird. This route is only 300 km long… so I find it hard that sims prefer to stop on other place to do the same route. Maybe they were using my flight to connect with other place. Well, good to know that I should expect these changes.

Thank you for your answers.

Is there a way to track your pax or lack there of? To look at a route like Houston to Toronto and then see how pax are getting there?


check the flight information pages. If two days ago you had a full plane with 50% passengers to/from own connection, and you now have 10% passengers to/from own connection, you know where the problem is