Why are my flights all empty?

I operate in Tunisia with no competition on almost all my flights and the majority of my flights are completely empty. I offer good service level and 10% below default price. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

(Below are screenshots of my load monitoring page)


Because the flights have not gone through the booking cycles yet. Each airport goes through booking generation once every 24 hours and your flight in most cases will go through 3 booking cycles (in some cases 2).

thank you Rubio, so as the scheduled flight approaches, more and more customers will book. Is it normal that they only book 24h prior? From your experience, is this normal or is there some other game mechanic acting that I may not be aware of?

It’s not exactly 24 or 72 hours before the flight. A flight may get direct bookings just minutes before it takes off.

I suggest you read this


I saw a post about tutoring and helping out new players, would you be available to be my mentor?

I play on aspern as Fly Tunisia. 

I don't play on Aspern so you may be better off with someone who plays there, as they can give you support and message with you in-game.

If nobody volunteers I'll see if I can help you somehow via the forums.

You should really read the link rubio has posted: lots of useful information there.

As for the question: every airport gets passengers booked once every 24 hours. The time is different for each airport, and can be seen on the airport's page.

You can find the demand calculation for each airport, that's when your flights will get direct bookings (and booking for onward connections, if available)

sample airport information:


Also, I cannot stress enough, read the forums, the start blog by yukawa, and also watch youtube tutorials

While the interface is slightly different, the simulation dynamics and back engine is the same.

you should watch these tutorials... all..