Why Earth Stand stands?

There are many debates for the way Earth Stand members expand in the new Gatow server (and previously Meigs). As a member of ES, I would like to introduce a few points why we develop as the way we did, and possibly allow more players who criticise the ES way, or players potentially want to join ES to gain more understanding of ES, and also share what we think about the Airlinesim.

The basic strategic concept of ES: Recognise the difference between real world and Airlinesim and to maximise profit.

As natural as any games with a comparison nature, people want to be on the top of the rank. Some people may come to this game hoping to "copy" a real world airline of their like, more may want to take the lead in the game while take into account the mirror of reality but not completely follow it. I believe most of ES members may recognise the DIFFERENCES between a simulation game and the real world environment and valued it heavily.

With this underline understanding in mind, we will NOT taking to much consideration of what’s in the real world, but study what’s in the Airlinesim world. Thus construction of fleets, selection of routes, setup for configurations and services will all be what we think the best way to maximise profit in Airlinesim.

Question: Did the unrelistic settings in Airlinesim help ES?

No, I don’t think so. No matter how relistic the game is, it will be a game. If not follow the way the game operates but simply follow the real world or even worse what YOU think of the real world, you will be playing after ES members, who study and experiment the game a lot. Whenever the game changes we will test and find out the way which helps in new setting and share the view. (e.g. please consider ES’s lead on Megis which started without the most criticised new aircraft market). So actually it’s not about whether the unrelistic settings - which will always exist in some aspect of the game - help someone, it’s about which route a player will follow, the reality world’s route or AS environment route, everyone have the choice at anytime,

The tactics and technics that suoport ES:

  • Play in unison.

    Just an examples: Even before the new game world started, we made an agreement on where each original players go to avoide internal competition.

  • Effective communication.

    Communicate in real time to ensure playing players know what’s eachothers doing and to share experience and market information gained in real time.

  • More playing time.

    Most members in ES can play the game with their Ipads and Iphones, etc, to gain max playing time, using any spare miniuntes available between works and other things. And I had to admit that gatwo starts at the very begining of Chinese new year, many of ES’s Asian palyers are in their holidays, which gave us more time to play in the first two weeks.

Question: Is there cheating to gain advantages? Or bug-using?

No, with the benefit of strategic and tactic advantages we can get, it simply not worthwhile to violate the rules set by Airlinesim. And we surely know, with our outstanding performance, we are certainly under scrutiny of the Airlinesim Team and almost all players especially those who have direct competation with one of our members.

In terms of bug-using, would you call the use of certain cabin setting which is publicly available to all users, and known by most players and Airlinesim members bug-using? I won’t. Yes, the demand it produce may be unrealistic, but the outcome (both benefit and downside) is something we all know well. As far as I know ES airlines not the first ones to use such configrations.

As an open and friendly Alliance, we always welcome criticise from all players, which will help us to gain more knowledge of the "market" in Airlinesim. Afterall, hope everyone enjoy the game, and make friends who share the same interest in aviation business.

As long as people boycott your shares, believe me it will be fun to watch! :D

Is this what you call "interest in aviation business"?

How should others still enjoy the game?

Isnt’ it the game in itself what should count first, not the maximum profit?

Very disappointed about these strategies…

Why not enjoy the competition?

In Meigs you might check out the huge amount of used planes along with unemployed pilots and then ask the players if they enjoy the game now, not to mention the traffic and slot vaccum.

Well, thanks for posting the points what might be the thought of many other players, I actually respect players who want to play a realistic aviation business game and taking a strategy reflect the real world.

My point is: You can do so and enjoy the game with or without competition from ES, there always rooms for such an airline somewhere in almost all game worlds. You will be able to build a realistic airline by the way you want in many niche markets. However if you want to look at the statistic rankings, those who stick to the game environment will always win over those try to reflect the real airlines. Oneway or another, someone will develop some strategy to support their expandsion and take a lead position in the game, and most likely that strategy may not reflect reality but work best in AS.

If you want to enjoy the game in the way you want, please do it without looking at other at all, it’s totally possible. If you want to look the comparison aspect of the game, then follow the way the game setup, don’t think of the real world.

No problem if you making any suggestions to AS to make the game more real, we all like that. But please always bear in mind this is a game, it will never be the same as the real world, you have to accept those differences and strategies developed based on those differences.

Usually I don’t take part in such discussions. I have always welcomed ‘Earth Stand’ airlines as real competition (and that is what the game is about) and don’t blame anyone for using old planes or whatever.


At the beginning of a server all of your airlines use the cheapest economy seats (=crampy seats) in Business Class, no real world (especially business) passenger would pay the maximum price to sit in a standard economy seat in business class. The same applies for all classes.

To me - and although I know it is legally allowed - this is simple bug-using!

Interestingly, a lot of players complain but then sign interline agreements with these airlines.

So did the unrealistic settings in AS help ES? Yes!

Is there cheating to gain advantages? In my eyes yes!

But hey, as I’ve said before, your airline are shooting stars - they will fall down as soon as competition mounts, as happened on Meigs. So the jury about your abilites to manage an airline is still out I don’t mind if you continue like that, but just don’t pretend you’re playing smart…

And i’m sure you’ve helped alot

Sorry, but when you work like on Meigs, your happyness will end soon. How many Airlines from the big Earth stand are left on Meigs?

4 or 5?

And thats not because a new server started, the biggest players have closed their airline a few weeks ago :wink:

So, lets talk in 4 to 6 weeks again about "Why Earth Stand stands" and we will see :wink:

I’m sure that’s a question many will ask, because the fact that far before the new server started, most ES members leave meigs. And I’m as sure as you do that many ES members in gatow may quit sooner or later, including myself. Just a matter of fact, as a cargo only airline, I leave Meigs when profit still increasing, and weekly freight volume ranked number 1 worldwide. Many others in passenger section also leave when they are the weekly (and total) number 1 in their countries, with increasing profit. There are few leave with decreasing profits or even losses, but before that those players have weeks putting little or even no time to manage their airline. No reasons for that, you may think what ever you like, it just happens and yes, highly likely to happen again.

@ friendlyxue,

Basically I agree with you: There is absolutely nothing wrong about winning a game.

When you play chess, you would never think about wether your strategy is realistic for a real army. You also don´t think about arranging your chessmen aesthetically on the board. You just try to win, by any means the rules allow. It´s a Game! Airlinesim also is a game.

Your colleague mentioned one more crucial point: ROE vs. margin. Many players would do better with more knowlege in business economics than in aviation.

But in one aspect I disagree:

How do you "win" Airlinesim? By growing the fastest? By becoming the biggest? I would rather say: By being the most sustainable. Run your airlines for some years, trough all the changes and patches, all the highs and lows of motivation. My airline has been operating for four years now, so my admiration for a flash in the pan is somehow limited. If you´re up for the challenge: See you again in two years on Gatow!

[size=3](btw: A suggestion has been made to create default airlines at the start of a new gameworld, for the sake of making the start smoother. Maybe we should consider Earth Stand as just that…)[/size]

Please. Team. Start. An. Earth Stand-Only Server. That will help all those of us who really want to "copy" a real world airline of their like. Or just want to play a business simulation. Without "gaining max playing time, using any spare minutes available between works and other things"…

BTW, I think you can ask the same question to the members in your alliance.

What is Earth Stand?

I dont know something about Earth Stand, is it an Alliance?


May I ask how did the members from Earth Stand affect your "business simulation" in Gatow? In your Hub, A.K.A KIX, all Earth Stand’s members together only have 6% of the market share, while your airline has 17%. Besides, you are operating Boeing 717s, which has zero competition on the market with Earth Stand members.

Totally agree with you, including your "but" section. There are so many people dislike or criticise ES member’s role on Airlinesim and their "effects" on other players, at the end of the day, it’s just another way of playing, by all means stick to the rules.

In terms of "win" the game, as I said before, most ES members are focus on growing fastest and becoming the biggest, then as you and many other’s suggest, full stop for ES members. Not because becomming unprofitable in the game, but I would rather suggest passion passed out, as I explained in #10 post. That’s the real threat to ES Alliance. But again, the current rise and likely fall of ES should have little implication on others.

The sole purpose of posting this topic as I said at begining, is to let those who complained, those who criticised ES members, as well as the Airlinesim Team to have some understanding from ES perspective. I think though the discussions, we all made our own points clear, then it’s down to the AS Team to decide on future adjustments to the game to make it better for everyone.

My final words: Whether you agree or disagree to the ES way, like or dislike the ES players, it’s a great pleasure to meet you guys in this fantastic game, and have the opportunity to communicate with you. Just enjoy the game, in our own ways.

I agree with you. It is just their choice what strategy to adopt. I have started my airline in Meigs with the strategy to have only new jet planes. Of course, they are expensive, I have to wait for the deliveries and so on. But this was what I choose. Also, i wanted to build an European network and opened several hubs across Europe. Again, by the time I had enough money some hubs were already full. Now, with the new world some of them have been freed up and I have the opportunity to develop again. It is just a matter of strategy and what you want from this game. If you want to build the biggest airline in the world go for the ES strategy. It is simply the best one. They are quitting as soon as a new world is open because they need another opportunity to build the next biggest airline in the world.

If you want to develop a long time airline, than you just have to stick to it. I am sure that with a good strategy everyone can compete with ES. And competition is what makes this simulation funny.

Thanks for the justification … either way I believe it is stupid and that you guys actually ruin the game for 99% of players.

But keep going, if only we could a server where certain people could not play, lets not name names again.

Agree. With a good strategy, everyone can use a reasonable airport as a hub and build up a decent airline.