Why is my plane getting filled?

Yes you are reading correctly; I’m complaining about A/C getting pax

My plane fies A-B-A. Calculation time at ‘‘B’’ is between 18h and 19h HT. I have no IL-contract at ‘‘B’’ but for some weird reason I sold 7 tickets on the B-A sector between 14h and 16h HT. If I take a look at the flight details their isn’t any pax from external feeder or what so ever which is logic since I don’t have any IL-partners flying into B.

It’s not that i’m not happy with the pax I just dont see how it is possible and I would like to get some explanation and if their is a bug/glitch I would be happy to report it.

Edit; I did some more research and it seems all the pax booked that flight between 2h and 16h HT. Like I said before calculation time hasn’t been passed yet.


Those PAX came through ground network connections, most probably. Those didn’t showed as transferring PAX, but as direct ones. Check some airports on ground network of your B point, most probably one of them has calculation time in required interval.

Thanks for the quick response. I haven’t thought about the Ground Network yet. It seems to make sense.

From what I remember PAX will travel between 3(?) different locations. This includes ground network, so for example if I have a flight from JFK to LHR and if a PAX from EWR wants to get the LHR they will transfer to JFK from EWR via ground transport and get on your plane. This is all calculated of course through the ORS, so the assumption is that the EWR via Ground to JFK to LHR route is the highest (or close to) rated for whatever reason.