Wiki error after editing

I’m trying to edit my airline wiki pages, but every time I try to do it (clicking on Save Page after editing) I get the following database error:

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:[indent](SQL query hidden)[/indent]

from within function “Revision::insertOn”. MySQL returned error “1048: Column ‘old_text’ cannot be null (localhost)”.


Still getting the error…

Same here, something about:

Parameter 2 in .../htdocs/wiki/includes/StubObject.php on line 58

No reply from the devs? :unsure:

There is a new wiki in development, please give us some more weeks to have this online with an all new tutorial etc.

Ok, just keep us posted :)

Sorry for the impatience, but are there any news related to the wiki?

IMO, the wiki has always been a place, where airlinesim became a "special" game. But for month, I'm not able to make any changes and to represent my airlines properly.

Unfortunately at the moment we can't give any news about this.

Any status update on the new Wiki?