Would appreciate if someone can help me out here =D

Hello! I’m new to airlinesim and I need some desperate help here :(

As you can see below there seems to be no bookings on most of my flights but demand seems to be alright and I haven’t changed much on the pricing.



Would appreciate greatly if some kind soul out there would enlighten me><

bump :(

You know that the demand/bookings are only be done once per day for each airport?

You start to see bookings after about 3 days

ahh i see. but the thing is, some of my flights are fully booked while some remains zero bookings… is this normal?

Bookings are made for each airport individually, at different times of the day. You can see when this update takes place on the airport pages.

Yeah this also happens to me, [size="3"]Ocassionally[/size]. It will reach near full capacity about 1 day before the flight ( if you have no competitors ) given you use the 3 days delayed schedule activation.

Fantastic! Thanks a million for the advice =D

Note that since no flight gets more than 3 rounds of bookings, your kolkuta and Hanoi flights are not going to get more than 30 passengers at this rate.

hmm… but it somehow managed to fill up by itself to max load…



That’s because you can’t make a statement like firtree’s out of the blue…

If you offer other flights (or have interlining agreements with airlines that offer other flights) that allow connections to this particular flight, then those connecting passengers are booked when their respective departure airport is processed. This means that a flight could have pax added several times during the day. They just won’t all necessarily be departing from the same origin, or even going to the same destination.

AHH that makes sense! hahaha.

BTW, is it possible to fly long-haul(e.g. SIN-FRA) with a stop-over(transit) via perhaps Dubai/Delhi?

D’oh! Good point. At this point I don’t have internal connections since my prices are high (I’m only playing Meigs right now), so I completely forgot about that.

no worries bro! small issue ;)

Yes it is possible to make longhaul-flights with stopovers …BUT if you fly for example :



you will have passenger rights for SIN -> DXB and SIN ->FRA (on return FRA->SIN , DXB->SIN)

but not for DXB -> FRA …which means some peopl might disembark at DXB and you are not allowed to accept passengers from DXB to FRA …meaning most likely your plane will make the last leg (first leg on return) half empty

second disadvantage fir that example route: you could fly SIN - FRA directly (with a A332 for example at 78% max payload …which is more than enough unless you fly single class with cheapest eco seats) so a stopover will lower your ORS rating …means you would have to take lower prices to attract customers…combined with a higher maintenance demand (landings damage planes more than steady flight)

…go for a direct flight, it saves money and works well (i fly ICN-FRA with a A332 with very good revenues on croydon)

I hope this could help

Thanks for the insightful post!