Would these types of flights work?

In real life airlines like Thomas Cook operate flights from the U.K. to holiday destinations. I was thinking about starting a company that would specialize in this but I was wondering if this would actually work in Airlinesim. For example Manchester to Cayo Coco would be from a large airport to a small airport with little demand. I know that AS dosen't always work in real life such as low-cost carriers not working, and I was wondering if these types of flights would work in AS either. 

It can sometimes sort of work (if the 'small' airport is a high proportion of the country's total traffic and/or there are sub-national traffic divisions), but broadly no - since most countries aren't subdivided in a way that'd work to bring that about demand tends to skew towards the busier airports.

My airline operated Gatwick to Cayo Coco for several weeks (server Pearls). There was some direct demand, but too less for a daily flight with my longhaul planes  (around 70-80 passengers per day one way). Most passengers where transfer passengers, connecting at LGW.

I tried lots of small airports at the Caribbean from the UK, but there´s no general statement possible. It depends on the whole situation of your server, the competitors, the AGEX, your own network....  For me, some real world UK holiday destinations are a gold pit in Airlinesim, and some are money burners.  You must try it by yourself ;)

Some Caribbean destinations work great from London and some dont at all. Except for the Dominican republic where I have a huge partner I have not found a destinations to work with widebodies so I use A320NEOs or 757s on Caribbean routes.