Wrong Airport

Hello there

I just got a flight cancelled and my a/c is at a completely wrong destination.

The flights before have beeen operated perfectly from CMN to EAP and the next flight booked was EAP-JNB… now the a/c is located in ZRH. But I have never actually transferred the a/c to ZRH.

Has this bug appeared before?

Tks for your kind help

So there’s no reason at all for your aircraft to be in Zurich?

nope not at all…

last flight was CMB-EAP…and then the next should have been EAP-JNB… but this flight was cancelled and cost me a fortune due to fully booked…as well as the flight back that will now be cancelled.

the a/c shows now destination ZRH…despite I have never booked any transfer flight or anything…

but the history of the a/c will not be visible much longer since i cancelled the leasing for this a/c which will be terminated tomorrow

Pretty sure that you transfered it there - the system isn’t able to do this itself ;)

that is what i tought too…but you can even check in the history that it was not transferred…i wasnt even logged on

now it gets even better…the a/c in now in HAM without any transfer flights

Maybe your pilots are upset because you pay them not enough, and they captured the plane ;)

No seriously , check your flightplan if everything is right , check your transfer flights again …and if the problem is not caused by your side , send a mail to the support , because there is little we can do here.

EDIT: and to make sure nobody else hijacked your account, change your password …just to be secure

wow, sounds like some real mystic fun going on there!

any update?