Yaeger III - Down?


I also have the same issue. The problem is only on Yeager III.

Thanks for reporting it.
Several game worlds are currently not available and we’re working to bring them back, but I can’t give you an estimate yet.

Hi i cannot access any servers i am on tempelof sorry if spelt wrong.

i get the same message

same problem here only at that server

Yeager, Tempelhof and Fornebu are all still affected. Can’t give any update yet.

Sadly, no success yet.
I’m afraid will have to wait for the night to pass and the servers will hopefully be back up tomorrow morning (European time), so maybe in around 10h.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Many thanks to our admin pugnacity, who fixed the issue over night!
All game worlds are available as normal by now with no backlog and have been back up since 6h now. :slight_smile: