Yellowknife Project

I’ve decided to start operations from Yellowknife AIrport, Canada, but I’m having problems choosing the best aircraft to operate, so that I can get profit from flights between YZF and other norther comunity cities (one or two stripes).

Should I go for the EMB110 or for the Saab 340? And after choosing the aircraft, what frequencies should I have?

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Initially, Saab seems to be a better choice but I doubt that you can fill the plane. On the other hand, why don’t you consider LET410?

I would go with the LET as well.


check out Oxtongue River Airways on Croydon, 367 weekly flight from YFZ, mostly DH3, some CRJ and 737 to bigger destinations.

Thanks for the info! On the other hand, the Oxtongue example is of no use, his operations are all over canada, so his connecting passengers rate must be huge.


I figured out the DH3 to be the best aircraft for my canadian regional operations, because range, take-off/landing runway lenght are very good and because it is a canadian aircraft (which makes it a little bit more realistic). Ground roll take-off of the Saab 340 is way to much for very many northern canadian airports, and the Emb-110 might be not avaliable as much as you need them sooner or later. The LET410 could be a good choice - a lot of my DH3 are not even 50% booked and hardly make any profit, even I have a good feeder network with several daily connections from YZF to YYZ, YVR…

However my goal was to connect every single canadian airport to the Primary HUB YYZ or the Secondary HUBs YYC, YUL, YVR, YWG, YZF… so profit is not that important.