YT JET Group

After 2 year work, YT JET decided to sell YT JET Europe to its longtime partner VentureX (TRAVELLTON). This was a very hard decision but I have reached my goal and it’s getting boring just to check the timetable and doing nothing ;)

In the future I will concentrate my game on Fornebu with YT JET Russia and hopefully with the same success like here.

At the moment I don’t know what will happen with YT JET China but probably I will cease the operation too.

Let me say thank you to all partners and friends for the good relationship. I had a great time on Croydon and I’m sure that you will see YT JET again when the new server starts in July

Bye Bye and have a good time on Croydon


  • YT JET Europe and YT JET China -

Best of luck. I’ve noticed that almost every month a big airline decides to pack it in. One of the limitations of an open ended game when you’ve reached the top, where’s the challenge ?

Best wishes


CEO China Pearl Group

so, YT JET Group says Goodby to Croydon. YT JET China is also liquidated and I’ll continue my game on Fornebu.

Doug, good luck in China and to all other partners, thanks a lot for the good relationship and all the best to you all