0% Booked(Super Noob haha)

Just started… Why are all my flights that i scheduled 0% booked? How long will it take for them to start getting booked.

good morning,

you have to wait al least 24 hours to get a first impression about the booking status of your flight … you Super Noob Haha

Once a day for each airport the demand will be calculated - so no wonder the flights are empty at the beginning. But this will change within the next hours/days.

ok thanks you were right i now have all kinds of percents but none are over like 47% or something will they eventually rise?

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on a route with high demand, load factor can be 100% in one day. On a route with less demand, it may take three days. Or there even may not be enough demand for a daily flight.

But you are not the only person playing… there is a lot of competition on most routes

So it also depends on the quality of you network and the value you offer for the money you charge. Please check the wiki for more detailed information.


In addition to what Jan has said, it will also depend on your network. Simply put what are your connections like between your own flights and flights of your interlining partners? It always helps to have good hub schedule when starting out to help get your LF up. If you find you are still struggling, seek out some interlining partners at your destinations with good networks. If you do this again it will take some time to take effect so be patient. If your still having trouble with LF after trying everyones advice then you will really have to look at your base and destinations. Is there enough traffic/demand? If not then dont be afraid to reschedule and try different routes (sometimes you will get surprised). Good luck and I hope it works out for you!