11 subsidiaries from the start?

I saw that a new startup has created 11 different subsidiaries in different parts of the world.
Only of these have an active airline and the cash income from this is not enough to support an income to start this.

How is this possible when you start with $10 mil cash and you need $3mil. to create a subsidiary?
Is the user at a higher level than normal people that start with $10 mil.?
Is this an admin that is given those priviledges?

Server name needed.

are they subsidiaries or enterprises?

I think only one possible: Buy a BNI or LET or Cessna, And create new subsidiary.
Then do “Asset Transfer” to Transfer money come back, and continue create new subsidiaries?

If you suspect cheating, please use the in-game report function.
If it’s really a brand new holding, it’s otherwise impossible to found more than 3 subsidiaries.

Right. But if t is an old server, you might be able to create more holdings than 1.

Turns out it was only about multiple holdings :wink: