195 E2 Strange Seats


Why does the new E2 have “Certified Capacity for this Deck: 146”

But even with slimline seats you can only jam in 136



146 relates to real world 28" pitch. AS world seats do not specify pitch. My first a/c is configured to 116 dual mode (16RS 100LP). Better than the A220-100 (15RS 90LP)
Perhaps its about time the seating component to AS was revamped with pics and specs and IFE options from various AS companies similar to the real world.
I would also add that we do not assign toilets or galleys on AS a/c. This also affects available cabin space. AS passengers have fantastic bladders.

“Certified Capacity” is just the maximum amount of people you’re legally allowed to put in the airplane without it being considered a safety violation. It is based on the emergency exits available, and has nothing to do with seat type or how many passengers you can actually fit.

For instance, you could technically fit 21 seats on a LET 410 using Slimline HD seats, but you’re only legally allowed to transport 19 passengers.

I use 12 C and 60 Y seats in the E195E2…
perfect for me=)