3 questions to Airline Sim management

Dear Management,

I've decided to place it here as i've noticed those problems only on Riem world

1. Why do i have wait over 5 days to have small "board" logo accepted or denied.... and it is still on pending status?

2. Why do i get support response after a week, starting with with the sentence " Sorry for late reply, is your issue still "in the game" ?

and according to first two questions - i have question no. 3

3. Why does my credits are charged in normal way ? :D

May I join your petition? I am waiting for my logo approval as well

Strongly support petition item 3.  :P

I must accept that our petition bore the fruit.

They were quick this time. Okay I may think of the next petition. But thank you admin this time.

same here :D - my board logo was running already in my next game log after petition :D

I have to answer on that one - late as you already said. We are running short on capacity in the moment. At this moment we are having the anual team meeting and I'm pretty sure to have your support requests answered within the next hours. The logos should be approved or declined too.