4% discount a little bit disappointing?

I understand you are under no obligation to give out any discounts to any customers however I cannot feel anything other than the 4% discount is a little bit pointless?

I can buy 100 credits for the price of 96! so an extra 75% of a days worth of game

Or if you buy the 5000 credits for $149 you save $5.96

I know its me being ungrateful, and its a big moan, but it’s how I feel, 4% isnt going to make a dent really. Maybe 10% would feel a bit better?

I will still buy credits, I love the game

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it has to do with the shortages, so credits are in short supply too, therefor only 4% /s

scnr, but yes, I agree this feels weird.

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It’s Bleriot IV. IV = 4. But I’m afraid a joke is no good when one has to explain it :smiley:


well, i atleast got the joke - but that´s it, the rebate is a joke. rather have either no discount at all, or one of the 10% ones.

I really don’t know what to say to that :smiley:

Imagine complaining about a discount LOL.