400 New Airports!

Is there a LIST of the 400 added airports, probably sorted by country or transfer possible/impossible?
I consider starting at one of them, so please let me know.
Best wishes

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Hm … an answer would have been really nice.

Saddly there is no information yet from Simlogics

I can’t remember if or not last time there was a patch if the information is released as a list? You can make your own list of airports relatively easy, just time consuming :frowning:

There will definitely be a list of all changes once it’s ready.
We’re still working on airport data updates and looking through the feedback we’re receiving from Blériot and info from older support tickets. Once it’s final, there’ll definitely be a list of changes as usual.

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Thaaanks a lot! Have a look at NIS :wink:
The airport’s pax numbers (before Corona) were 200 times bigger than in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Please write an email to support if you feel that there is a mistake in the data. Include reliable data for regular services. Charter is not eligible.