5 years Global Excellence Alliance

In order to celebrate 5 years of successful operations, the Global Excellence Alliance will introduce a slightly revised logo, which will be used over the following months.

The Group was founded on February 19th 2018, when Swisslines and the now extinct Leaf Airways (now active as Trans Wonder Airlines) & Air Jordan joined forces to create a new alliance in order to compete against established airline corporations and existing alliances. The alliance quickly grew with the accession of important members, such as European Central Airlines (now active as Australia International Airline) and Air Malaysia.

Since then, we have developed as the leading alliance on Aspern, being ranked first place in terms of transported passengers and market share overall (according to AS routemap) already for a span of 3 years in a row. Today, the alliance counts 16 players with 60 member Airlines around the world. We are proud of our achievements and are looking forward to the next 5 years.

SabenaExpress - Founder of the Global Excellence Alliance

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