and 737-400SF,

could we expect to see them after next update? 

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17 May 2016 - AEI signs agreement for 30 additional B737-800SF freighter conversions

Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) announced today the company has signed an agreement to provide up to 30 twelve pallet position B737-800SF conversions with an undisclosed customer. The agreement calls for 15 firm orders with an additional 15 options. The modifications for the customer will begin in late 2018 with deliveries beginning in 2019. To date, and including this recent announcement, AEI has received a total of 80 firm orders and commitments for its twelve pallet position B737-800SF. The conformity aircraft for the 737-800SF conversion program is currently on location at Commercial Jet’s facility in Miami, FL.

The AEI B737-800SF converted freighter will be able to accommodate eleven 88”x125” AAA full height containers or pallets and one AEP/AEH container for a total of 12 positions. Depending upon the aircraft model and aircraft weight limits, the AEI B737-800SF will be able to carry a payload of up to 52,000 LB (23,587 KG). Additionally the AEI B737-800SF freighter will incorporate an 86” x 140” main cargo door and will include up to 5 supernumerary seats.


15 Dec 2015 - China Postal Airlines orders 10 737-800BCFs

China Postal is the second carrier to sign for the 737 BCF programme, after Hangzhou-based YTO Airlines. Boeing says the order comes “pending a product launch”, and that it will support customers in the narrowbody freighter market with the 737 BCF programme. China Postal airlines already operates two 737-300QCs, 12 737-300SFs and eight 737-400SFs.



30 Sep 2015 - Boeing receives first commitment for 737-800BCF

Boeing has received the first commitment to order a converted freighter version of the 737-800 from a Chinese start-up airline, but the programme has yet to be launched. Boeing confirms that the Hangzhou YTO Express has signed a commitment to order the 737-800BCF. The company did not provide numbers, but a Chinese aviation news site reports the YTO commitment numbers 15 aircraft. YTO launched service on 26 September with a 737-300 cargo aircraft, the first of three the airline expects to receive. Meanwhile, Boeing is still building a business case for launching the freighter conversion of the 737-800, the company tells Flightglobal. Both Boeing and Pemco have been polling customers for interest in the type as the next-generation series of the 737 is replaced by the re-engined 737 Max. Boeing reportedly received an authority to offer the 737-800BCF last year, but has not publicly announced any commitments until the YTO deal. The company remains in discussions with multiple airlines about the type, Boeing says. "We look forward to launching the 737BCF program once we have met our launch criteria," Boeing adds.

The 737-800SF is on the list. But it will be probably not online until EIS. Proposed specs is on thing, but the real data at the end is another story. :wink: