737-900ER Payload... am i missing something?

JFK to CDG on a Boeing 737-900ER HGW (scimitar) @ cruise speed of 893.

Performance check tool for this plane at this speed indicates calculated payload as 21862kg. Total max cargo capacity of this plane is supposed to be 8617kg (86 units).

My cabin config is 95 passengers. (95passx95kg=total passenger payload of 9025kg).
I am only able to carry 67 units of cargo. (67unitsx100kg=cargo payload of 6700kg).
Therefore my total payload is 15725kg.

Why am i not able to carry the total 86 units of cargo this plane should? With my cabin config, and a cargo bay loaded with 86 units my calculated payload is 17625kg, well under the 21862kg max.

What am I missing here?


Which server are you on? Martin posted this before in a different thread:

“To put it simply: The take-off weight consists of the aircraft’s empty weight (OEW), the weight of the fuel and the weight of the payload. All three together must not exceed the maximum take-off weight (MTOW). So on longer flights which require more fuel and on which there’s more luggage per pax (in worlds with Dynamic Turnaround Times only), your cargo capacity might drop.”

From that perhaps it may help with your current calculation issue :slight_smile:



You are missing volume.
Your checked baggage consumes hold volume too. Consequently your cargo payload is limited by volume.