777-900 and EconomyPlus

When will the 779 and EcoPlus be introduced … would be nice ?!

Lufthansa will be the first now delayed until at least mid 2022 and Emirates now delayed until 2023 so nothing in AS until it is in service.

Like tso said, aircraft types are not introduced until in service.

As for “economy plus” or premium economy or whatever it’s called now, we were promised inventories in 2016 at the latest (with the promise of ‘premium’ but still economy cabins that could be sold differently to fulfill your need). We’re still waiting for any info on that and it’s likely to remain that way.

Sadly the booking classes will not ever find the way into the game.

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I wouldn’t go that far :smiley:

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Oh - that would be awesome to be wrong!

As far as I know development of this stopped. Sadly we won’t get this anymore…

(Source: Discord -> #general-en -> https://discord.com/channels/113555701774749696/113556750300364800/802632259021570048

While not actively being worked on at this very moment, they are still very much on the agenda and we have started working on a new ORS prototype last year to evaluate the possibility of making them a reality. We just don’t have a timeline yet for when work on this can continue.