A little idea for perm servers

Hi Martin.

I had a little idea yesterday, that I wanted to share. I have multiple airlines, older than 5-6 years. I’m pretty much a hoarder real life, and I hate to see stuff that I have build up, disappear into to nowhere.

So I came to think of this idea: What if every (permanent) server, had a hall of fame? This way, your company stats, routes, logos will be remembered. This could possibly make older companies finally shut down, and open up the older worlds for new players and new opportunities.

One example for me, is at Stapleton. Large chinese airline with on my bank account. There’s not much more for me to do, but I care too much about it to let it go. - I could liquidate it, if I knew everyone could see that I had had the largest chinese company at that server ever :slight_smile:

Just a thought, that could increase activity on the old servers, that’s not generating much profit with such few players.



I agree with you very much. It can also be compared with giving a special reward to the first few players after the end of each server. For example, after his company is founded, the name will be marked with a star to make the players more motivated.

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That sounds like a lovely idea.

We’ve just recently received a request for a feature that shows some basic information about a liquidated company. The motivation here of course is to see how one is affected by the disappearance of an interlining partner, and we’re receiving this sort of request on a somewhat regular basis.

I guess by adding a few more stats, such a feature could kill two birds with one stone…creating a sort of “hall of fame” while providing actual practical value besides “fame” :slight_smile:

Question is just whether this would be local to the game world (and as such transient when game worlds end) or whether it would be global (stored in a central place). The latter would be nice, but would also be on a whole different level of effort.

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I could live without the fame, but I’d like more statistics.
Martin, I think we already discussed this though I can’t remember the outcome.

Here’s the idea:
Read out every enterprises profit/loss statement (weekly) and compile statistic to every line. Display the stastistic anonymized(!)
Only the lines connected to the active login have vissible names.
Would be great for the player to see how he/she performs.

Would that be possible?

Like your idea, but that example is just wrong. A mate of mine had a Chinese airline on Stapleton that was about 5x your size.

Beside the point on this thread, I think :wink:

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What do you mean by the “to every line” bit?

Sorry, I meant stats for every line of the income statement (where useful) like Revenue, pax revenue,…, EBT, margin.

Thank you for proving my point. I have no chance of knowing the history of a server. :sweat_smile:

For me it should just be a local data information, so that I can see the history at a current server. It could either be implemented in some country-stats, airport stats or similar.

The more I think about, the more I like the idea. It also create goals for new players - find airports and look at statistics to beat the former airliners etc.

I think historical service data summarized instead of that weekly graph that serves no purposes would be nice. Like a historical load factor for that pair. Scrolling back week by week for market share is tedious and usually fruitless

Yeah, I love your idea. Stats in AS are generally very much lacking. ASroutemap provides better stats than the game itself. Adding some basic historical stats, as you propose, into the game would be great.