A NEW private Server will start

An exciting new world begins, be in the process of providing it with flights with your airlines

Details about the server:

  • a maximum of 5 holdings per player (max. 2 in europe)
  • 30 million start-up capital per holding
  • no night bans
  • dynamic lead times (DTA)
  • ILs between own holdings and airlines are permitted and activated
  • Transport and ground networks are activated
  • simple slots
  • Exchange active
  • Countries, investment open (List B)
    -The use of real names and pictures for airlines is permitted but not required
  • Availability of aircraft: only current aircraft can be reordered
  • Fair and reasonable amount of used aircraft on the market
  • used aircraft are regularly replenished
  • start hubs are protected at the beginning max. 2 players (at least 3 months)
  • At the beginning only flights from the HUB country are allowed (at least 3 months)

If you are would join please contact me for more Informations. Start would be at 26.09. Thx

I would be interested in your new Private world. please send me any needed info

I would like to join. Please advise on how & what is needed.

Thank you!!!


Hi together the start is on 26.09. For sure and there are some slots avaible please contact me if you would join

hello I am interested in your private game world. But I have some questions. How much is it. And how many people will join in this game world. Thanks.

What do you exactly mean or plan regarding this?

Server configuration

  • Capital for start each Holding 30 Mio
  • No night bans
  • Dynamic turnaround times (DTA)
  • Interlining between own holdings are active
  • Traffic and ground networks are active
  • Single slots (if we need the option for double slots are possible)
  • Stockmarket active
  • Investment-open countries (list B)
  • used aircraft on market at beginn

the rules

  1. each Player can have up to 5 holdings
  2. each holding can have 2 Airlines (PAX) + 1 investment open Country, 1 Cargo and 1 service
  3. maximum 2 Holdings on european continent
  4. original Airlinenames are welcome
  5. slotblocking is not allowed flight to the same destination should be max. 3 per hour
  6. every player can only overtake 2 Airlines by stockmarket
  7. dumpingsprices are not allowed (minimum is 85% of standardprice)
  8. up to the 01.01.2021 Airlines only fly from there Hubs (every Airline have 1 Hub, in USA 2 Hubs)
  9. up to the 01.02.2021 Airlines only fly from there Hub-Countries
    the payment
  10. the actual payment is 18 € each month, or per quarter 50 €

Start: 26.09.2020

We have some free places on Server and good Hubs avaible, if you will start with us on 26.09. please contact me

Hello everyone, for everyone who is still interested in our server, please write me a PN, we only have very few places left. These are assigned after receipt of the message, so whoever writes first is preferred.
Greetings Lars

Assume it only will be current types of aircraft on the used market as well?

There are current types and a limited number of aircraft that can no longer be ordered on the used market

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and there will always be used aircraft on the market when and which of course as a surprise :slight_smile:
so there are different strategies come to win :slight_smile:

Interested in Joining - preferred base is LHR

Hey Erobran. I just send messages on the forum when something changed with the available slots and so on. So just to inform new player about the slots that are available. So i don’t understand why you are judge now about me and other people?
BTW you do the same thing too when you start your server. So be careful with your post here.
You upload sometimes just an picture with no information just to be on top of the list. Several times i upload new information about the Privat Gameworld and a few minutes later you send an post or an rework of your post to be on top of the list again :wink:

So please calm down and let them post every day if he want :slight_smile: Nobody force you to read that post :smiley:

So i wish you all a great day

Hello Cupio,

I didn’t want to give an answer to that, but nice that you take the words out of my mouth.
continue to have fun playing …

our server is online new players are welcome.
you can have a look under

you will join? contact me

Hello everyone, our server is now online for 2 weeks and still offers good starting opportunities for new players, if you are interested I ask for a PN, greetings to the players of the constellation server

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Still have any chance to join the sever right now? I’m interested.

Hello everybody,

We only have fewer places on the server. If you are interested, please contact me, thank you very much

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Hello, I am very interested in this server, can you give me a detailed introduction? For example, can we IPO? How to pay or something.