A220 does have cargo

Bottom right, “Extra usable cargo volume”

Why is there no underbelly cargo with the A220 in game?

There is underbelly cargo with the A220 in game. For -100 it shows me 3.950 kg are possible.

It seems older worlds dont have it.


I confirm, in Tempelhof 0kg

Why dont older worlds have it? I know the dynamic, but surely 3k cargo set would be fine?

Because older worlds calculate weight only and ignore volume.
But if you fill your cabin with pax, their baggage is stowed in the cargo compartment consequently taking away cargo capacity. This is simulated on “dynamic” worlds, but can’t on older ones.
Smaller aircraft are usually volume restricted while they get weight restricted the bigger they are, hence it was decided to not include cargo for smaller airframes on “static” worlds.

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