I was wondering, whether it is possible to integrate the A319LR (Long Range - Version) into AS. I know that, according to AS-Team-members, new aircraft will not be implemented before the next version (1.6), but anyhow, the A319LR is not a completely new aircraft.

It fulfills the rule, that at least 5 have to be in operation with common airlines (2x Tunisair, 2x Qatar Airways, 2x Privatair, & a few others), and it has the same max. takeoff-weight and engines like the standard a319. BUT the ability to carry freight is no longer given (due to larger fuel tanks)… Using the LR, routes over 8000km should be possilbe ;)

I would appreciate if the A319LR could be in game soon, wouldn´t you too??

you give the answer yourself

NEW dont mean only - new on the world market - new mean, new in AS

so that mean, NO plane will be implemented in AS until 1.6 or whenever they have overhauled the complete aircraft performance system

so pls at all , refrain from asking all the time for more planes until the team say NOW

i think they know well what they do and when the time has come they ask us what planes are missing

Must have a high CASM…

Hi Sarn,

if you check the performance page of a plane, you see a bended curve.

The first part of that curve is a horizontal line. That is the minimum range, or the range you can fly with a full payload.

After the first bend, the line goes down. If you fly further than this bend, you take off with more fuel but carry less passengers or cargo.

In most cases, there is a second bend. If you fly further than this point, you carry less and less passengers without having started with more fuel. Either because you would have to carry the extra fuel in jerry cans in the cabin and walk on the wing to refill the fuel tank during flight, or because the plane would be too heavy to take off.

So you can take the same plane, with the same MTOW and the same engines… but bigger fuel tanks and less payload… and end up with different variables and a different performance curve. As far as fuel consumption is concerned, it could just as well be a totally different plane.


As usual, the 737-700 BGW will be still the dominant plane in AS servers no matter what new plane will be added.

I’d say its kinda imbalance.

When a new plane will be added the 737-700 BGW won’t be still (at least THAT) dominant. Because we’ll get new calculations and the planes will need "real amount of …".