A319NEO SpaceFlex

Just checked out the A319NEO and the cabin isn’t adapted to Airbus SpaceFlex (moving the lavatories back) as the other NEOs were. Would be great to increase the length of the cabin as was done when we added the other NEOs. As it is nowadays makes no sense.



Hey, thanks for the tip! I’ll put that on the list to check if we can amend that in a future data patch :+1:


Hi, it’s been 7 months. Any updates on this? Should be a fairly straight forward change.

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I figure we’ll put concrete planning for the next data patch on the agenda for one of the first team meeting of the new year. We’ve been collection quite a few changes, both in geo and aircraft data.

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On the 319, there aren’t necessarily lavatories to be moved.
Contrary to the 320, the 319 always was able to operate with a single lav. and galley at the bulkhead.
SpaceFlex gives the operator the option to add another (3rd) lav. to the cabin without taking revenue space. But SpaceFlex doesn’t give you more revenue cabin.


So, since lavatories don’t matter (yet :laughing:) in AS, we can ignore this version?

Is a longrange Version compared to the A319LR on the market or planned or is the additional center tank not planned for the A319neo? To my experience with the A220 on the market that would probably the variant with the highest demand.

You can add additional center tanks (ACT) to all 319 variants. But you’re adding these in place of ULDs - so you’re trading belly volume for fuel capacity.
I’d need to look at ingame values but it could well be that the LR’s ACT config would limit belly volume so that you couldn’t load the baggage volume for a full eco cabin.

I’d think so, yes. The cabin appears to be just right the way it is.

To be honest that’s a thing that grinds my gears for a long time now… On the server I am playing at a lot of people operate the Boeing 737-700ER quite successfully, while in reality this aircraft never managed to score any economical success. Reason being, you could only configure it with a low-density cabin, because the cargo holds simply could not take more baggage.

I’d love to see a calculation model in AS where the pax capacity is reduced automatically as soon as the cargo compartments could not store the required amount of baggage volume.

Back when the aircraft data was set up, cargo was just a weight but otherwise a non-dimensional value - it didn’t have a volume hence cargo capacities were simply reduced or zeroed.
With dynamic turnarounds, cargo (and baggage) has not just a weight but also a volume. The aircraft data for those extended range models wasn’t looked into close enough and so volume values were taken over from the “normal” variants.
In fact, what we have in game as a “737-700ER” has the performance (payload/range) data of a BBJ1 with all 9 auxiliary fuel tanks. On the real 737/BBJ those 9 AFTs reduce useable belly capacity from 28.4m³ down to just 4.6m³. When I remember values correctly, that would result in volume for just 767kg (7CU) of cargo with zero checked baggage or checked baggage for roundabout 38 pax with zero cargo.

So yes, that is why you rarely ever see these models in real life. And if, then only in a full bizz cabin or such.
Those in game values certainly may be looked into, but correcting them would likely kill many airlines on existing servers.

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Thanks for the response. How was the A319CEO cabin modelled? Taking into account one or two lavatories? I know they exist but I personally cant remember when I flew on a one lavatory A319.

I’m not sure as it wasn’t me (I think)
But the 319 cabin length as is in game is pretty close to the real thing. And it’s in proper relation to the 320neo cabin. So we can assume its the maxed out 2-lav (“SpaceFlex”) variant already. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am still playing on an older server where the A319LR has no cargo capacity at all. I am just into replacing the older CEO versions with the NEO but there is no appropriate variant that offers the needed range. So I was wondering if that aircraft is only missing in the game or does not exist in reality by now. I did not find any valuable information on that on the internet and just guessed that as numerous A319neo are delivered as ACJs they surely have additional tanks and a way longer range than presently represented in AS.

In game the 319ceo heavy roughly resembles an airframe with two ACTs, the 319neo heavy has the data with one ACT (because those are the configs where reliable data is available)
The ACJ319ceo/319LR and ACJ319neo can be equiped with 1/2/4+ ACTs - the neo even has additional fuel due to updated center systems.
So yes, the 319neo “LR” could easily outperform the ceo. I think it’s all about the question what variants we want to have in game, when, how and why. And of course whether there’s a real example of such variant in service. I think not, they’re likely all ACJ/BBJ…

Thank you for the headup. I have not yet heard of an A319neo operated by an airline at all, so I doubt that there is a LR version in real life. Of course I would prefer to update the older Ceos to Neos, but if that version is not to be implemented any time soon I unfortunately have to stick to the older ones.