A330-200F vs. B767-300F

Just started to try pure cargo for the first time. I was comparing A330-200F and B767-300F as they’re very similarly priced in the secondary market. Which one do you recommend?

I’m operating routes less than 7500km.
A330-200F: MPL - 64t, Total cargo capacity - 469.2m^3/73.7t
B767-300F: MPL - 54.9t, Total cargo capacity - 503.2m^3/78.4t

It seems that even though 767 has larger total cargo capacity on paper, the actual constraint is MPL. Given A330-200F now has very similar price of B767-300F, I’m leaning toward to A330 as it carries more and will bring more revenue. Am I correct?

Which one do you prefer? :smiley:

Personally I prefer the A330. The fuel burn is very similar to the B767 (maybe a bit less), but it has a much higher payload, even on routes over 9,000km (e.g. CDG-HKG). Of course this will only make a difference if you can get it full, but if you do… oh boy.

For your scenario (routes below 7,500km) the following route may serve as a good example:

Route: LGG - MEM (7,395 km)
B767: 548 cargo units; fuel burn 68,161 l
A330 range: 640 cargo units; fuel burn 68,013 l

For about the same purchase price it looks like a no-brainer to me.

Thank you.

Another question: for 7000km cargo routes, should I immediately load daily flight from the beginning or gradually add frequency from 2/weekly?

From my experience it only makes sense to fly a route less than 7x weekly if there is absolutely no competition. Think: tiny airports that have no other flights. It’s much more useful to establish a good feeder network for your widebodies (either with own ATR or narrowbody freighters or with interlinings).

If there is already competition on a route, and I put daily flights on this route, isn’t it more likely that my flight will not be filled up as I put more capacity on it?