A350 NPS new seat layout

I didn’t find about post about this but sorry if this has been talked about.

The first a350-900 with the New Production Standard 2022 was delivered to iberia back in october. It allows for 10 across seating with seat width similer to the 777. It also has a greater MTOW and reduced mass. Source

Currently the a350 in game allows for
10 across with Slimline HD,
9 across with Standard, Leisure and Leisure plus,
8 across with Comfort
7 across for Comfort Plus

The 777 allows for
10 across with Slimline HD, Standard, Leisure and Leisure plus
9 across with Comfort
8 across with Comfort Plus

I think would be a nice if either a350s could now match the setup on 777s,
or better yet
get a new version of the a350 that allows for the updated seating and increased MTOW
e.g. a350-900 NPS

What do you think?


I would say it is a new model. There are slight weight, range and cabin differences. If I am not mistaken the older planes can not be retrofitted.

Don’t repeat errors that have been done before.
The 777 in game has a wrong cabin layout as - back when cabin config was done - it was decided to have the available seats fitting 10-abreast.
This was nonsense. There’s no seat in AS other than Slim-HD that would fit 10-abreast into a 777 or a 350.

As for the NPS, the rumoured 4" extra in width just is not enough to add an extra seat. Far from it.
Edit: standard/leisure… seats I’m talking about.
I just went through the numbers and if the 350 cabin would get the +10 (4") there would be width for one extra Comfort, Recliner or LF140 seat.


Seats in AS are an absolute mess. But, if Airbus have litteraly made their cabin wider then that should be reflected.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I’m new to the game and I’m not familar with how the seats across are calculated. I didn’t know that you could find actual values for the seat widths and cabins.

I drew a comaprison to the 777s as their seat widths at 10 across is 17.1" and on the NPS a350 they say it can be 17".

Being able have 9 across Comfort seats on the a350 with the extra width seems a reasonable balance.

The A350, regardless of whatever model or moniker you may choose to use, is narrower than the B777 and thus is unable to have the same number of seats abreast. Period. In the B777X, that difference in width is even more pronounced. Let us stop seeking unreal advantages for our favourite aircrafts. if you want you A350 to have ten abreast (I don’t know any real world airline that does that), then fit the kind of pathetic seats that will allow it! Personally, I don’t think this kind of biased and prejudiced advocacy does any good for A/S. I am tired of people seeking a new variant for every slight change made on a plane model. Seats should not a new model make.

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French Bee and Air Caraibes are real life airlines that operate A350s with 10 abreast economy.

Lots of people had your opinion about the 777 back in the day. Now you will struggle to find a 9 abreast 777 in the skies. Manufactures inovate and things change. It’s just a matter of time before full service carriers will operate 10 abreast A350s.

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A350 with 10 abreast is not a manufacturer decision. It is an airline decision. You are all CEOs of your airline. You may choose seats that allow 10 abreast. It is your call. The very same thing happened with B777. Yet there are still airlines that fly B777 with 9 seats abreast. There some things that do not need a variant or manufacturer involvement. An Airline could install “standing-seats” if it wanted - it could pack people like sardine in a can! As long as MTOW and MLW is same, it would make little difference. Comfort or the absence thereof, is the prerogative of Airlines, not the manufacturer.

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Of course I am aware it is an airline decision regarding seating.

But the manufacturer did increase the MTOW and interior cabin width and I wanted to know if people thought it would be represented in game.