About The IL-18s

Hi my friends from Airlinesim, good evening in UTC+8(I’m in Beijing.)
Well today I want to have a talk with you guys about the IL-18. I believe most of you guys who have played the Yeager and Domination has already know about this freak bird. I admit that this bird can surely bring a lot of profit in the first few months but I just think that this plane and it’s price made the game lost it’s realism.
I believe you guys come and pay and play this game for the same reason which is the feeling of reality. Everything is amazingly real in this game except the IL-18s. So I think it will be a good choice to delete this model or at least increase it’s price according to the inflation.
I also accept your ideas or your evidence in even the totally different opinion. Welcome to join the discuss. Thanks a lot.
btw Please forgive my poor English…


Timed worlds are not all about realism, they are about being the biggest and best airline over a short period of time. They are not about fleet planning or cost control etc.

The realistic worlds are the long term worlds, though unfortunately, just like the real world, market forces can make it difficult to compete with the very long standing airlines, I wish a lot more people had the drive and patience to make longer standing worlds work, because you can easily compete with longer standing airlines, just needs a bit of time.

Well infact I think the whole ‘old type aircraft’ thing is a bit unacceptable…
Everybody knows it’s impossible to order a brand new old type acft.
But just as your words, some little bugs or problems are accepted.

Thank goodness for this post. This plane only costs >5k and carries 214 pax. Airlines in Domination have 200-250 of these planes and fly hundreds of destinations. It’s unbelievably unrealistic and this makes the game so unfair to have massive market leaders(monopolies) at the start of the game. Not to mention it’s such a long, boring grind, to go through all that enormous work. I believe these planes should be increased significantly in cost.


Absolutely. It’s a huge distortion of the market. The fact that an airline can start out with 30+ a/c is absolutely ridiculous.

I would be in favor of increasing their cost or leaving them out completely.


Totally agree. This makes the game for others, who want to play fair, really boring! So, would really like to see in future worlds, that it is realistic and not that from start dozen of aircrafts can be leased.

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I think you don’t really understand the concept of the Domination worlds. There is absolutely nothing realistic about them. All countries are open investment, all aircraft are available. I5s a dog eat dog game world. It’s not my cup of tea, which is why I don’t play it. It amuses me, that at every single start of a Domination world we get the exact same complaint. Play to win, that’s what Domination is about, if you want realism, there are many other game worlds.

I really like the worlds where there are used old aircraft on the market. But I don’t think we should be able to order “new” old aircraft.

However, I would love a game world where the demand, aircraft types, fuel prices etc. are set to for example 1985. Or any other year. That would be a lot of fun.

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Have you looked into the now-gone world Wright I? I think a reset of that would be the best chance you’d get.

I don’t remember it being a smash hit back in the quarantine, which is likely why it was not renewed at the end of its cycle.

I came over from Airline Empires after similar “Spamliners” as they are called on that platform sucked all the realism out of that game. Unfortunately this paid platform is going down the same path and the developers should stop this stupid behavior. I’m not going to pay for a totally unrealistic game where someone is flying ancient Russian planes all over the US. It just makes no sense.

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There are many other (and majority) servers which don’t have this IL18 problem. I really don’t understand why people are fixating on those servers that have this particular issue. As @Tal0n said, if you want more realism in this sense, go to another server. There are servers in which these planes are out of production and are available in used ones only, and there are ones have only currently in production planes. Either case will not have too many IL18s. No one is forcing anyone to be on Yeager and Domination.

I don’t think there is a similar server which has the same Domination traffic right setup while not having this fleet setup. If that is what you want, make that a suggestion. I think there are a couple of short-term servers that have a similar layout; maybe try a new setting when one of them is ended? I think the price inflation is an issue for older planes, which I had mentioned already in the past, but calling developers for ‘stupid behaviour’ is not going to get you anywhere…


Yes, the current servers Domination and Yeager have little in common with realism.
They don’t need that either! Even the long-term servers have little to do with realism, even if they are a little more realistic. If you don’t like the concept of Domination and Yeager, you’re better off on the long-term servers and should avoid both servers if possible. But why exactly these upset that there is an IL 18 at a bargain price is a mystery to me. You don’t have to play on Domination or Yeager!

The set on Domination is a little different than on Yeager. Take a close look! And in the past there were cheap planes from Russia that caused a stir (YAK) and the same discussion took place then as it does today.

On a time-limited server, changing the conditions on the fly is a completely stupid suggestion. Many have based their concept on the special circumstances. Whoever wants to make the IL 18 more expensive can next make the B 727, DC 8 and other machines more expensive as well. That upsets the whole balance. What shoud that? I think some didn’t understand the idea for this concept or recognized it too late and are now angry that they are operating with more expensive aircraft. With the exception of the IL 18, the cheap planes need considerably more kerosene than the more expensive aircraft. As the game progresses, when the market is saturated, other criteria will become more interesting such as: service, seating, etc… Then the big restructuring will start or not.

Please leave the servers as they are. The concept is fresh, the machines are old/new. What should it. It’s fun and that’s what matters.

Its an unrealistic garbage world. I dont know why anyone would spend money on something like that, I surely wont in future and will seek out longer term worlds with some level of realism. You allow stuff like this and before you know it you end up with something like Airline Empires where people do crazy stuff like fly 400 times a day between two cities with 60 year old airplanes. Totally no point of such a fanciful game.

And yet, it was requested. It exists because players wanted it. I agree, I don’t play it either. I have no problem that it exists, because some people enjoy it.

You’re just going in circles. If you find the server to be garbage, then I wonder why you’re bathing in garbage.
There are enough other servers that might suit your needs. Please take a look around before you advertise “Airline Empires”. Because negative advertising is also advertising!

This is not a ‘new’ issue btw - back when this type of server was first tried this exact same issue resulted in many forum posts - some of which required moderation :wink:

The issue here is the expectation of people who play a server like this. I completely agree that the IL-18 is unchecked again - which is why i chose not to play this server this time. I loved playing the old planes like the 727 and the DC9s :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but because of the game model the IL-18 ends up proliferating out of control.

I think during the last run of this I had suggested penalties for the popularity or maintenance. Even a slower build cycle would help to stem the tide of them. You should not be able to have 1000s of these in the opening month its beyond unrealistic. The main issue is they are cheap to buy and quick to build. It can flood the market withing days of the server starting and people can make massive profits quickly.

I love the idea of this server - but not the current way it is released.


I’ll put the topic back on the agenda internally.