About the Yeager

Well when will the Yeager reopen exactly ? Can the admins tell the exact hour?

Have you ever read the exact hour? No?
That is the answer to your question.

I did see Lena say the goal was the 20th of June in the Discord, as it’s when the last iteration runs out: AirlineSim Blog — Yeager V now open - with all aircraft types on offer! — AirlineSim

We know nothing else, other than it is a federal holiday weekend in Germany, they are down staff, and have backlogged requests. So keep an eye out, but clamoring and begging unfortunately doesn’t help.

Patience, yes. But not knee-jerking. You know better, highscore.

pd can we move this to a more appropriate category than server status


Hey, thanks for reaching out! Yeah, unfortunatley I don’t have an exact hour yet, but the server relaunch should happen some time later today. I’ll post a quick notice on our Discord server before launch :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy!

Veager VI is really the most boring server I know.
It is not about stratigy, evaluation, network planning etc. but only about cheap mass. A click server boring and costs money. what a shit.
An IL 18 is produced in 9 hours, costs almost nothing and is only at an advantage compared to others in its class that are more expensive and have longer production times, even though they fly more economically. The same is true for DC 8-73 etc., an absolute joke.
If AS offers this with old machines, they should also reset the passenger volume, slots and above all the start year. Well, this was already desired years ago, such a retro server, but was written off because of the effort of correcting the data of the airports. Now to create a, ok time limited, server with all the old metal that has the advantage is like a server for 4 year olds who have no idea about stratigy etc… Topic by Yeager VI TOTALLY MISSED.

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