Add Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR)

Scandinavian Mountains Airport (SCR) was one of the most ambitious Scandinavian airport projects in recent time. It did have quite a lot of routes announced, many international, but then everything got shut down due to the pandemic. i would say that it should be around 2 to 3 bars in AS. Could we have this airport in the game?

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Probably won’t be 2 bars, considering the thresholds.
Anyways adding some more info


Excel worksheets with more numbers (in Swedish):

Mate that’s covid figures. Any other airport in the world would also be greatly downgraded if we go after these figures. I would rather be looking at the planned destinations and network before covid. It would have been a very popular airport if it would have opened earlier. Anyways, add it to the game and we will see about demand later…

This was the winter before.
Additionally, the planned destinations and capacity cannot be indicative of demand. I mean, just look at the capacity to Bozeman and Heraklion this summer - that’s unsustainable and i would like to find someone that disagrees.

I’ve added this airport to the upcoming data patch, though I wouldn’t expect much demand initially.

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