Adding Long Haul

So I’ve built up a large medium distance network in Domination. I have 34 727’s running flights from my hub at CMN all across Europe. Flights are full, I’m making consistent profit and I’m now looking at long-haul.

My attempts so far aren’t doing very well. Long-haul isn’t something I’ve got much experience with and I’m trying to figure out where I’m going wrong.

Is the issue simply that CMN isn’t a big enough base to run long-haul flights from? If I run a 707-320B to JFK it’s just not that busy. Is it the aircraft type? Is it needing to be smarter on cabin config? Or is it a dud exercise because of the limited size of the hub?

Thanks for any advice which follows in advance!

CMN certainly has sufficient demand for long haul especially to places like JFK. The issue is likely the aircraft type.
The 707 is not a popular aircraft for passengers and therefore you won’t get many willing to fly on it.
Try with a more modern aircraft and you should do better.

Rule of thumb: the longer the distance you fly → the more competing ORS entries you have-> and the more pax you’ll lose to competing entries (they don’t need to be better)

I’m not on Domination to give you a detailed advice, but you barely have any useful feeder flights to fill a flight CMN-JFK. Western Europe to JFK doesn’t want to go via CMN - at least not without a penalty.
If you want long haul out of CMN I sugggest you build feeder waves “in line” with your connection. From Europe, useful connections through CMN could be to Brazil etc.
Aircraft types, ages and other ratings are secondary if at all.

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Really appreciate that advice. I’ll take a look at that.

Flights to GRU are working really well, thank you.