ADMINS: Forum issues

When doing search on some forum topics via Google, e.g. "airlinesim salary closing", several possible threads appear in Google search result.

The problem is that many times, after clicking on the results, I get redirected to the exact same page:  e.g.

Now one might say that my PC is infected by some spyware, right? Well I could agree, besides the fact that I run spybot with anti-hijacks for all browsers (teatimer) and malwarebytes, regularly, but most importantly: I changed laptops about a month ago, and it was doing it on the OLD laptop and new laptop alike ... and I get to be redirected to that particular page ONLY afters searching google for airlinesim threads and clicking on the results.

I have also done google search to see if somebody else was having the same issue and there seem to be cases of malware code being injected into bulletin boards and alikes, causing this. Can forum admins please look into this?


It looks boards using IP.Board software are the ones being hijacked by this malware code. See here:

It explains how an exploit injected into java script code on IPBoards sites can cause this issue.

This is indeed quite weird and worrying. Will do an upgrade of the software this morning, just in case.


by the way, the problem still is existing in about 10% of all links to the Forum from google and is quite annoying. If you click twice you get often to the right topic then.

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This problem still exists.