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HQ @ London Stansted

This week, a new full service airline has begun operations in the UK skies. Aero Britain is a new London/Stansted based airline which plans to utilise the essex airport as a less congested alternative to Heathrow and Gatwick.

The CEO said "We plan to be a full service hub and spoke style airline utilising our quieter Stansted base. The airport has plenty of room for our ambitious expansion plans as well as big cargo facilities for that side of the business. In addition the airport offers a mere 40 minute trains journey into the centre of London which runs every 30 minutes. Our aim is to provide high frequency domestic flights in multiple waves across the day that will connect onto our European routes, and in the future our intercontinental routes."

"We currently also operate a single aircraft operation from London City airport. We felt we needed to cater for the needs of business travellers that want a premium service that operates direct into the centre of the Capital. The regional aircraft we operate in there (due to runway constraints) operates with a high business class configuration as result of the main type of passenger wanting to travel on the routes from there. In the future we look to seperate this fleet into its own airline with a focus on premium travel and may even change to an all Business operation which will operate the high frequency business routes."

Currently the airline operates 6 Airbus A320s from STN on 24 daily flights to 6 Domestic and 3 European destinations. Also we operate a single Dash 8 Q400 out of London City airport to Glasgow and Amsterdam.

The A320 are configured with 132 Economy Traveller and 12 Voyager Europe seats whilst the Q400 operates in a more business minded 35 Economy Traveller and 20 Voyager Europe seats.

From Stansted we operate the following routes:

Aberdeen         4xDaily

Amsterdam       2xDaily

Belfast Intl        20xWeekly

Edinburgh         5xDaily

Frankfurt           2xDaily

Glasgow            3xDaily

Leeds/Bradford 2xDaily

Munich              1xDaily

Newcastle         2xDaily

From London City we operate to:

Amsteram 2xDaily

Glasgow   2xDaily


With seamless connections across the day our customers have a variety of possible connections they can use for either Business or Holiday passengers.

Aero Britain - Bringing Quality to you

Welcome at Nicosia and good luck on the hard european-market.  :)

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Today, Aero Britain has acquired its 7th Airbus A320. The aircraft  in question G-AACZ has enabled us to increase our network with the addition of two new destinations in two new countries - Ireland and France. In addition, through the reduction of our STN-ABZ service, we have increased our Frankfurt services to 3xDaily.

On these new additions the CEO said, "Ireland and France were always going to be one of our early international services, the Germany routes got started before hand due to corporate contracts being won for the two routes. These two countries have huge Cultural, Historical and Commercial ties with the UK so these services help provide a vital link into the Capital."

Effective 07OCT13 are the following operational changes

London/Stansted - Aberdeen Service reduces from 3 to 4xDaily

BA1302/1303 CANX

London/Stansted - Dublin NEW 2XDAILY SERVICE

BA834 STN1100 - 1158DUB 320

BA838 STN2100 - 2158DUB 320


BA835 DUB1300 - 1358STN 320

BA839 DUB2300 - 2358STN 320



London/Stansted - Frankfurt Service Increases from 2 to 3xDaily

BA906 STN1635 - 1743FRA 320


BA907 FRA1845 - 1953STN 320



London/Stansted - Lyon NEW 1XDAILY SERVICE

BA358 STN1600 - 1720LYS 320


BA359 LYS1810 - 1930STN 320



London/Stansted - Newcastle Service increases from 2 to 3xDaily

BA1330 STN0600 - 0654NCL 320


BA1331 NCL0735 - 0829STN 320



With these we now operate around 28 Daily flights to 11 Destinations throughout the UK and Northern Europe. As more aircraft come online, we will continue to expand both domestically and internationally from STN as well as increasing our City connect service from LCY.



Aero Britain - Bringing Quality to you




Aero Britain Acquires A319 aircraft

This week, in an effort to provide flexibility to the fleet, Aero Britain has decided to acquire and A319 aircraft. The CEO said "We have decided to acquire the A319 to provide our fleet with a bit more dynamism and flexibility to our fleet that we didnt have preciously. The aircraft is in a fairly premium heavy configuration to due to general nature of the customers we target. "

The A319 has replaced the A320 on all 3 STN-ABZ services aswell as one of the two daily STN-LBA services. This is due to lower demand than expected in Economy whereas Business is performing strongly on these routes. With this in mind the A319 is configured with just 98 Economy Traveller whilst still maintaining the same amount of Voyageur Europe seats as in the A320 (12). The A320 it has replaced has been used to open a new route to Germany to the Southern city of Stuttgart. This new flights departs in our early evening European bank where all our original European routes depart from. This provides enough time to connect from our domestic stations on to our European routes.

eff10OCT13 are the following operational changes

London/Stansted - Aberdeen A319 replaces A320 on all 3 daily services

London/Stansted - Dublin Service increases from 2 to 3xDaily

BA832 STN0605 - 0703DUB 320

BA833 DUB0805 - 0903STN 320

London/Stansted - Glasgow Service increases from 3 to 4xDaily

BA1488 STN2100 - 2203GLA 320

BA1499 GLA2250 - 2353STN 320

London/Stansted - Leeds/Bradford A319 replaces A320 on 1 of two Daily services BA1344/1345

London/Stansted - Stuttgart NEW 1XDAILY SERVICE

BA920 STN1620 - 1737STR 320

BA921 STR1840 - 1957STN 320

This week Aero Britain will unveil its new Corporate Identity. The new design encorporates the Red White and Blue of the British flag whilst keeping in touch with the modern, professional ethics of the company. The new logo will soon be on departure board all around our network, helpingus to create a strong brand that people will remember.

The new logo will soon be on departure board all around our network

I doubt this as the logo is taken from a real life airline and this is strictly forbidden by the logo conventions ;)

Aero Britain Logo Unveiled

Today Aero Britain reveals the much anticipated new logo. The design perfect incorporates the Red, White and Blue of our countrys flag, meaning that we can show off our Proud to be British status


Looks really good  :wub:

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I thought Stansted is in Hertfordshire, not Essex?

HQ@ London/Stansted

This week, Aero Britain has acquired yet another A320 aircraft into its fleet. It is the 8th of its kind in our fleet and has been used to open 3 new routes as well as increase frequency on a current route. The three new routes are to Manchester, Copenhagen & Marseille. All three cities offer not only there own stunning historical and cultural landmarks, but are also major business cities in there own right, meaning links to one of the main Business cities in the world is vital for the populations concerned. The copenhagen service is a morning service which is perfectly time for passengers to connect onto our German and French routes which operate in the afternoon.

eff21OCT13 are the following operational changes:

London/Stansted - Copenhagen NEW 1XDAILY SERVICE

BA812 STN0625 - 0755CPH 320

BA813 CPH0855 - 1025STN 320

London/Stansted - Manchester NEW 1XDAILY SERVICE

BA1404 STN2145 - 2227MAN 320

BA1405 MAN0440 - 0522STN 320

London/Stansted - Marseille NEW 1XDAILY SERVICE

BA370 STN1645 - 1821MRS 320

BA371 MRS1907 - 2043STN 320

London/Stansted - Munich Service increases from 1 to 2xDaily

BA954 STN1125 - 1254MUC 320

BA955 MUC1415 - 1544STN 320

We now operate over 40xDaily flights from STN to 16 destinations in 7 countries within Europe.