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This week Turkey welcomed a new home grown airline with big ambitions. Aero Paradise is new airline based at country's largest airport Istanbul Ataturk. Currently we only operate domestic services but have big plans to open routes internationally.

Currently Our fleet is as follows:

MD-83 - Configured 120 Voyager & 10 Comfort Class seats. All our named after Turkish Prime Ministers.

TC-ABU Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

TC-ABW Fevzi Çakmak

TC-ACA Rauf Orbay

TC-ACB Ali Fethi Okyar

B737-300 - Configured 100 Voyager & 10 Comfort Class seats. All our named after Turkish Lakes

TC-AAG  Van Gölü

TC-AAI Tuz Gölü

With these we operate from Istanbul to:

Adana 4xDaily M83

Ankara 4xDaily M83/733

Antalya 5xDaily M83

Bodrum 3xDaily 733

Dalaman 3xDaily 733

Izmir 4xDaily M83

Malatya 1xDaily 733

This gives us approximately 168 departures per week out of IST making us the 4th Largest carrier by frequency but most likely 3rd by number seats operated per week. We will initially let these services bed in before opening up new routes throughout Turkey and eventually the region.

Here is our livery:



Today, Aero Paradise is pleased to announce the acquisition of 3 three new aircraft as well as a host of new routes opened by the Istanbul-based airline.

We have acquired 3 Boeing 737-400s on lease from various lessors. These are all named after Turkish Mountains (Mount Ararat, Mount Süphan & Mount Erciyes and are configured like the MD-83s with 120 Voyager & 10 Comfort Class seats. One of these aircraft (TC-ACC) has replaced an MD-83 which is being returned to the lessor. On this subject the CEO said;

"We at looked at how it was performing on the 4xDaily Istanbul - Izmir sectors it was operating and felt that it was not economically viable to continue operating the ageing aircraft. If the B734 follows its little brother the B733 in having superb economics on both short and longer domestic sectors then we may look to acquire more of the type to keep in line with a single AC family to save on Maintenance costs."

The other two aircraft (TC-ACP & TC-ACV) have enabled us to increase frequency on existing routes as well inaugarate operations to FIVE NEW DESTINATIONS.

eff12AUG13 are the following operations

Istanbul - Dalaman Service increases from 3 to 4xDaily B733/B734 mix

AEP2536 IST2005 - 2104DLM 734

AEP2537 DLM2145 - 2244IST 734

Istanbul - Diyarbakir NEW 2xDAILY SERVICE

AEP2604 IST0620 - 0802DIY 734

AEP2602 IST1105 - 1247DIY 734

AEP2605 DIY0835 - 1017IST 734

AEP2603 DIY1320 - 1502IST 734

Istanbul - Erzurum NEW 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP2702 IST1605 - 1749ERZ 734

AEP2703 ERZ1835 - 2019IST 734

Istanbul - Konya NEW 5xWEEKLY SERVICE

AEP2032 IST2120 - 2219KYA 734 x27

AEP2033 KYA2305 - 0004+1IST 734 x27

Istanbul - Malatya Service increases from 1 to 2xDaily B733/B734 mix

AEP2562 IST0615 - 0743MLX 734

AEP2563 MLX0830 - 0958IST 734

Istanbul - Samsun NEW 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP2806 IST1605 - 1718SZF 734

AEP2807 SZF1750 - 1903IST 734

Istanbul - Trabzon NEW 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP2824 IST1120 - 1253TZX 734

AEP2825 TZX1325 - 1458IST 734

With this we now operate around 32 Daily flights to 12 destinations from Istanbul. This not only provides ample connection opportunities for our own customers within Turkey but also to our interline partners due to ever develping connnecting banks of flights (6-7, 11-2, 1600-1700 & 2000-2200) meaning that seamless 1 to 2 hour connections are available through out the day.

Our Route Map:



Nice airline. :)

Your livery is really nice.

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CEO Martin Business Charter

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We are proud to unveil our brand new corporate Logo. We wanted our brand to become more corporate orientated to appeal to higher yielding passenger throughout:


This week Aero Paradise acquired two more B737-300s. With these we have both started new routes (included our first international route) aswell as increasing frequencies on our Trans-Anatolia routes to eastern Turkey but a frequency reduction to Ankara.

We decided to start our first international route to the Greek Capital of Athens. Not only is there Cultural and historical ties between the two cities that date back centuries, but also our passngers have a wealth of connections at there disposal due IL partner FlyBlue and European Connect Airways offer a multitude of connecting opportunites in Athens as well as onto our own flights in Turkey.

The decision was made to reduce our Istanbul - Ankara flights to make way for the Athen's route due to low load factors as result of major competition on the route meaning that capacity could be relocated elsewhere with more success.


eff16AUG13 are the following operational changes:

Istanbul - Ankara Reduces from 4 to 3xDaily (AEP2386/2387 canx)

Istanbul - Athens NEW 1XDAILY SERVICE eff17AUG13

AEP1843 IST1530 - 1635ATH 733

AEP1844 ATH1735 - 1840IST 733

Istanbul - Dalaman Service increases from 4 to 5xDaily

AEP2538 IST0100 - DLM0159 733

AEP2539 DLM0340 - 0439IST 733

Istanbul - Erzurum Service increases from 1 to 2xDaily

AEP2704 IST0100 - 0244ERZ 733

AEP2705 ERZ0815 - 0959IST 733

Istanbul - Eskisehir New 4xWeekly Operation

AEP2998 IST1605 - 1645AOE 733 x247

AEP2999 AOE1735 - 1815IST 733 x247

Istanbul - Kars New 1xDaily Service

AEP2714 IST1610 - 1805KSY 733

AEP2715 KSY2055 - 2250IST 733

Istanbul - Samsun Increases from 1 to 2xDaily

AEP2808 IST1110 - 1223SZF 733

AEP2809 SZF1255 - 1408IST 733

Istanbul - Trabzon Increases from 1 to 2xDaily

AEP2827 IST2010 - TZX2143 733

AEP2828 TZX2215 - 2348IST 733

Istanbul - Van New 1xDaily Operation

AEP2746 IST0600 - 0759VAN 733

AEP2747 VAN1246 - 1445IST 733

With this expansion we have taken the number of departures we will have to 268 per week to 15 destinations throughout Turkey providing ample connection opportunites for our passengers on to our other flights aswell on to our interlining partner’s flights.

The addition of a 1am departure bank was implemented to ensure more connection opportunities for our passengers arriving on our late night arrivals (between 2300 and midnight into IST) and our early morning departures from IST. We expect to become the 2nd biggest airline at Istanbul by market share once these flights get off and running.

Our Athens flight is ideally timed to connection to a multitude of destinations at both ends of the route. Arrving in IST we offer a mere 80 minute connection to 8 onward destinations through out Turkey.

Aero Paradise - Bringing Turkey to You

Love the new logo and congrats on your first International flight :D


Aero Paradise Embarks on Significant International Expansion

With the addition of 3 more B737-300BGWs (Now we have 9 in total) we have been able to embark on major expansion from IST by expanding current routes aswell as starting our first routes to Germany, Bulgaria & Austria. In addition we have doubled frequency on our first international route (to Athens) as well as increasing our domestic services.

Operational Changes are as follows:

Istanbul - Antalya Service increases from 5 to 6xDaily

AEP2430 IST1800 - 1900AYT 733

AEP2431 AYT2005 - 2105IST 733

Istanbul - Athens Service Increases from 1 to 2xDaily

AEP1845 IST1115 - 1220ATH 733

AEP1846 ATH1330 - 1435IST 733

Istanbul - Berlin Tegel NEW 2xDAILY SERVICE

AEP1721 IST1120 - 1323TXL 733

AEP1723 IST2010 - 2243TXL 733

AEP1722 TXL1505 - 1738IST 733

AEP1724 TXL2345 - 0218+1IST 733

Istanbul - Cologne NEW 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP1671 IST0620 - 0910CGN 733

AEP1672 CGN1000 - 1250IST 733

Istanbul - Diyarbakir Increases from 2 to 3xDaily

AEP2606 IST2005 - 2147DIY 733

AEP2607 DIY2217 - 2359IST 733

Istanbul - Kars Increases from 1 to 2xDaily

AEP2716 IST0105 - 0300KSY 733

AEP2717 KSY0350 - 0545IST 733

Istanbul - Samsun Increases from 2 to 3xDaily

AEP2811 IST1355 - 1508SZF 733

AEP2812 SZF1540 - 1653IST 733

Istanbul - Sofia NEW 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP1027 IST0650 - 0750SOF 733

AEP1028 SOF0825 - 0925IST 733

Istanbul - Vienna NEW 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP1883 IST0105 - 0303VIE 733

AEP1884 VIE0405 - 0603IST 733

After a hugely successful start up of our IST-ATH flight we decided we wanted to press ahead with continued international expansion by using the theory of opening routes that connect into our main interlining partners hubs, providing ample connections for our flights. We now operate around 338 departures per week out of IST meaning by Market share we are the 2nd biggest airline at Istanbul.

Route Map



Aero Paradise - Bringing Turkey to You



This week is shaping up to be this week for fast growing airline Aero Paradise. The airline has acquired two more aircraft, increased flying into Bulgaria and is widely rumoured to be join the SKY ALLIANCE.

The decision was made to start some regional flying to smaller cities from IST. On this matter the CEO said “When we looked at what should be our next round of expansion we thought, 'Why shouldnt open the world it to the Turkish regions?” With this we have not only increased frequencioes with yet another B733 on already well establised routes, but we have started services to 2 new turkish and 2 more destinations in Bulgaria. These destinations are likely to carry a lot of connecting traffic to/from IST on to our onward destinations as well as IL partner’s flights. This has been done through the acquisition of an ATR-72-500 aircraft from Blue Aviation. It is configured with 47 Voyager & 7 Comfort class seats and has superb economics for the small, thinner routes it is operating on.

Istanbul - Amasya NEW 5xWeekly Service

AEP3902 IST2005 - 2139MHZ AT7 x27

AEP3903 MHZ2200 - 2334IST AT7 x27

Istanbul - Antalya Service Increases from 6 to 7xDaily

AEP2432 IST1200 - 1300AYT 733

AEP2433 AYT1405 - 1505IST 733

Istanbul - Bodrum Service increases from 3 to 4xDaily

AEP2508 IST0220 - 0314BJV 733

AEP2509 BJV0345 - 0439IST 733

Istanbul - Burgas NEW 6xWeeklyAEP1037 IST1605 - 1646BOJ 733

AEP1038 BOJ1720 - 1801IST 733

Istanbul - Denizli NEW 2xDaily Service

AEP2577 IST0100 - 0208DNZ AT7

AEP2579 IST1610 - 1718DNZ AT7

AEP2578 DNZ0230 - 0338IST AT7

AEP2580 DNZ1738 - 1846IST AT7

Istanbul - Erzurum Service Increases from 2 to 3xDaily

AEP2706 IST0600 - 0744ERZ 733

AEP2707 ERZ0830 - 1014IST 733

Istanbul - Eskisehir AT7 replaces 733 - Service increases to Daily

AEP2998 IST0605 - 0654AOE AT7

AEP2999 AOE0715 - 0804IST AT7

Istanbul - Malatya Service increases from 2 to 3xDaily

AEP2564 IST1610 - 1738MLX 733

AEP2565 MLX1825 - 1953IST 733

Istanbul - Plovdiv NEW 1xDaily Service

AEP3682 IST1000 - 1109PDV AT7

AEP3683 PDV1130 - 1239IST AT7

With these additions we will now operate 401 weekly departures from IST to 24 destinations throughout Turkey and Europe. All our flights have very good loads and around 50% of the passengers we carry are connecting on to onward destinations. Our next round expansion will look at increasing our Internation flights with ATH, BOJ & CGN all expected to get increased frequencies.


Aero Paradise - To Turkey Your Way

image-9BFE_523AAC19.jpg image-F3F5_523AAC19.jpg


This week, as a result of poor loads Aero Paradise has taken the decision to abandon the regional routes with the ATR-72. Whilst the routes were slowly increasing in loads, we still didnt feel it was viable to continue operating and felt our resources could be used elsewhere. With the ATR returned to the lessor we agreed a deal for a further two more B737-300s - taking the number in the fleet to 16.

With these we have increased a few of our existing routes aswell as starting FOUR MORE international routes. We are delighted to announce that 2 of these are our first routes into Africa and the Middle East. Also, we have added our 3rd Destination in Germany aswell as our first route to Italy.

eff19Sep13 is the following operational Schedule

Istanbul - Antalya Service increases from SEVEN to EIGHT daily!!!

AEP2434 IST2100 - 2200AYT 733

AEP2435 AYT2305 - 0005+1IST 733

Istanbul - Cairo New 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP690 IST0905 - 1057CAI 733

AEP691 CAI1200 - 1352IST 733

Istanbul - Gaziantep Service increases from 1 to 2xDaily

AEP2238 IST1610 - 1740GZT 733


AEP2239 GZT1815 - 1945IST 733

Istanbul - Frankfurt New 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP1611 IST0110 - 0353FRA 733

AEP1612 FRA0445 - 0738IST 733

Istanbul - Rome New 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP1861 IST0105 - 0310FCO 733

AEP1862 FCO0415 - 0620IST 733

Istanbul - Tel Aviv New 1xDAILY SERVICE

AEP784 IST0905 - 1050TLV 733

AEP785 TLV1200 - 1350IST 733

With these we have now reached the magic 500 departures per week at Istanbul with approximately 114,000 weekly seat from/to the airport making us the 2nd Biggest operator at the airport. The two new africa links start our first east bound connections which now makes Istanbul start the process of being a major Transit hub.