Aero Turkish Newsroom


Istanbul, 23rd January: Today is a special day in the Turkish skies. New airline Aero Turkish will tomorrow begin operations from Istanbul/Ataturk airport. The airline will be a full scheduled airline that aims to quickly be a global mover of people.

Currently the airline operates 3 B737-700s (Seating 10 Comfort and 120 Traveller class seats) and 5 McDonnell Douglas MD80 series aircraft (Seating the 12 Comfort and 132 traveller class seats).

The initial schedule for the airline is as follows:

Istanbul/Ataturk - Adana 2xDaily M81

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Ankara 5xDaily EQV

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Antalya 4xDaily M88

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Bodrum 2xDaily M82

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Cairo Daily 73G

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Dalaman 2xDaily M83

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Frankfurt Daily 73G

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Gaziantep 2xDaily EQV

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Izmir 3xDaily M8x

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Kars 2xDaily EQV

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ London/Heathrow Daily 73g

Istanbul/Ataturk -​ Samsun 2xDaily EQV

The airline offers seamless connections throughout the day on its domestic network, with specific connections aimed at the Morning westbound departure bank and evening eastbound departure bank.

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