African vs Helvetic maintenance formulas

I read thru quite few topics, but didnt found the exact formulas for maintenance categories.


In under a minimum 4h maintenance period how many “hitpoints/-percentage” can be repaired back with helvetic, and how many with african? 

Helvetic is cheaper and African gives you more usage on your flight plan before you hit 100%.

those formulas are not public knowledge

I see, well as i see , w/ african, my planes starts to deteriorate faster, thus lowering my ors, so helvetic looks better for me. I'l just have to wait 2 weeks.

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Your ORS is not affected by maintenance deterioration, at least not directly.

(MX deterioration affects class image but low image does not decrease ORS, but rtaher high image can increase ORS. Remember you start with 0 image, so the better the image gets the better the ORS can get with other factors being constant, but the maintenance does not affect ORS, ORS is affected by price, service, seat, terminals, image, and image is affected by aircraft type, maintenance status, aircraft age, seat pitch, and flight attendants). As you see having African or Helvetic has technically zero impact on your ORS, but the difference between the two affects your flyable schedule and maintenance costs.

I know this is an old topic, but I was curious about something you said, and I didn’t find the information on any newer threads.

How much extra usage on your flight plan do you get before hitting 100%? Is it a considerable amount or just 5 mins a day?

I know you probably don’t have exact numbers, I’m just looking for an approximation.

I think it’s about 25%. I don’t remember now the exact number. So if you had 100.1% end ratio with Helvetic it would be around 125%with African. Or in other words a 100.1% end ratio with African would give you about 80% on Helvetic.


Thank you very much.

you are right with your around 25%. I did the test once.

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