AGEX is on an all-time high (again) and basically all flights, no matter what offering (product/price) you put on the table are operating with loads above 90%.

Dear AS-Team: Is this the sense of the game? Is this a competitive environment? Where are the challenges?

I know there are a lot out there who enjoy the current situation, because their airline operates ridiculous routes and therefore are only booked with such a high AGEX. But I really wonder where you guys think the challenge is... And I'm not even mentioning slot issues, because currently you can fly basically anything and you make a decent profit, so there are no financial restrictions at all.


How much is an "all time high"?

We have been runninga round 850 and less on Fornebu for the past 8 months


Meigs is at 1030

And as said before, all flights are just full… no competition, nothing…


Don’t forget about the current drop of the fuel price. :wink: