Air Crash Investigation

A new season of ACI on Nat Geo Tv this monday(4/1). Finally!

Anyone else following this serie?

Finally a new season!!! I have been following the series from season 1 episode 1. I also follow other series like ICE pilots, Ready for takeoff, Ultimate airport dubai, A very british airline, virgin atlantic up in the air and PanAm. I hope all of these will get new seasons though chances are pretty slim on some.

i am. I watched all the episodes multiple times and remember everything in them (maybe because i have an aviation safety minor   :P).

I know nearly everyone who watching this series loves it. It's a nice season if you want to know something in the field, but sometimes they didn't explain or tell you everything happened. I will call it a high-level Wikipedia for aircraft crash investigations. 

So the episode was about the Atlantic Airways Flight 670.

Good episode but they never explained why the spoilers didn't work. Did they stop working during the flight or was there problems before that?


I could not find that explanation from other sources either but this is the best I got:

"The first officer called for the arming of the spoilers one second after touchdown, and the commander armed them half a second later. Two seconds later the first officer called "no spoilers" as the spoiler indicator light had not switched on. He then verified the hydraulic pressure and that the switch was set correctly. Meanwhile, the commander had switched the thrust levers from flight idle to ground idle, and six seconds after touchdown activated the wheel brakes. From 12.8 seconds after touchdown various screeching sounds can be heard from the tires. The braking took place nominally until halfway down the runway. From this point the pilots reported that nominal retardation did not occur. The commander attempted to use the brake pedals to apply full braking, without effect. He then moved the brake lever from green to yellow and subsequently emergency brake, disconnecting the anti-lock. Witnesses observed smoke and spray emitted from the landing gear."

Though I think the new series starts tomorrow? Where have you gotten this episode from?

It was on Nat Geo Tv yesterday. Every monday 21.00.

You can get GIA 200 on youtube already:

The quality is not so good, but at least you can watch it for free  ;)

I just watched two episode of new season of Air Crash Investigation.

I am chuffed to see this series in a long time!!!!!

Ultimate Dubai Airport series was awesome to watch mate!


I would suggest you to also watch Ready for takeoff (Qantas), A very british airline (British Airways), Virgin atlantic up in the air (Virgin Atlantic), Airport 24/7 (about MIA similar to Ultimate airport dubai), Airline USA (Southwest) and worst place to be a pilot (Susi Air). All are very great and they are all reality shows. 

If you like classic staged airline shows you have to watch PanAm.

Cheers for sugesstion CBE,

Ready for takeoff for Qantas is awesome!

Although they mostly filmed in SYD MEL and PER.

I live in ADL Adelaide so I was personally a bit disappointed :unsure:  but brilliant seires to watch!

I will check out one for Virgin I havn't watched one Cheers!

You could also watch The Airport (cardiff airport), Britain's Busiest Airport (London Heathrow) and X-ray Mega Airport (Frankfurt).

All of these 3 are pretty similar to Ultimate Airport Dubai.

Although I’ve binge-watched all of Ultimate Airport Dubai and Airport Miami 24/7, I can’t say that I enjoyed them. I found both to be overly dramatic, with far too liberal usage of “end in DISASTER!!!” or “Terrorism!!!” where you can hear the capital letters and exclamation marks. Both series would make an excellent drinking game though, take a shot every time you hear the phrase “costing thousands of dollars” and soforth. You could easily be drunk by the first commercial break, and needing your stomach pumped by the end of the episode.

BBC’s Airport Live or Very British Airline I found to be more enjoyable, more of a “slice of life” genre rather than “Death!!! Destruction!!! Chaos!!!”.

Somehow, the style of filming and setting for "Ultimate Airport Dubai" reminded me of the "Border Security: Australia's Front Line" television series. I know that I shouldn't like these kinds of "reality" programme - but I confess: I have been binge-watching both (several times!!!).

However, nothing comes close to ACI, which I love. The only minor criticism I have, is that there are sometimes story / narrative repetitions due to the advertising breaks. This became especially obvious to me, when I started to remove the advertisings from my recordings of the series.

Same here.

I love documentaries, especially about aviation. But the number of exclamation marks also bothers me. And the unneeded drama. You know, like "if Kenmuir (see above posting) doesn't manage to open the bottle when he wants his first shot, it could cause serious problems. And it could have disastrous effects on the whole alcohol industry".

And like Reto, I hate it when they repeat the same thing over and over again.

I also hate it when a documentary covers several topics, and they keep switching from one topic to another. As if we have the attention span of a toddler. And every time they explain from scratch.

But air crash investigation is well made and informative. Mind you, all NTSB reports are available online and you will learn more in less time if you read those. But then again, the NTSB website doesn't offer moving pictures  ;-)


I only flew Morane (Rallye) planes which have no spoilers. But I would think that you have to "arm" spoilers before touch down. If they are armed they automatically deploy after touch down, when the undercarriage feels the weight of the plane. If you don't arm them before landing, you would have to manually raise them. Mind you, it is the verb "arm" that makes me think in that direction. I have no experience with spoilers.


You can actually find most of the aircraft accident or incident reports online. One of the networks i use is Aviation Safety Network, which provides tons of aviation safety news update. and most of time they have link to the report for the accidents in their database:

So the episode was about the Atlantic Airways Flight 670.

Good episode but they never explained why the spoilers didn't work. Did they stop working during the flight or was there problems before that?


I was also wondering why no explanation to failed spoilers, have lifted form the NAIB report:-

2.4.4 All three possible scenarios above appear as less likely. Nevertheless it is a fact that none of the two lift spoiler systems extended. AIBNs investigation confirms the lift spoiler lever was activated at the correct moment. Accordingly it must be a technical explanation on why the spoilers didn’t extend. On the basis of the three points analysed above, the AIBN believes that two possible technical explanations remain for why the spoilers did not come out is: - A mechanical fault in the spoiler lever mechanism. - Faults in two of the four thrust lever micro switches. A fault in one switch may have been dormant right up until a further switch failed. 2.4.5 The aircraft was almost totally destroyed by the heat. Furthermore, the AIBN has had limited access to the FDR data due to the damaged recorder. Consequently it cannot be ruled out that there are also other explanations for why the spoilers did not extend. Such possible explanations must be based on faults or circumstances having arisen that affected both the yellow and the green spoiler systems. 2.4.6 The AIBN is aware that the aircraft type is no longer manufactured and that a limited number of aircraft remain in operation. There are also few previously known incidents and accidents caused by technical faults in the spoiler system. On the basis that the AIBN has been unable to determine the exact cause for the spoilers not extending, the AIBN considers that there are insufficient grounds for submitting a safety recommendation to BAE Systems concerning the design and maintenance of the spoiler system. The Board nevertheless encourages BAE Systems to consider the possibility to equip the BAe146/RJ with a test system for the purpose to increase the likelihood to discover a dormant failure earlier than current maintenance procedures require (see section 1.16.4).

Not wanting to start a new thread, but Britain's Busiest Airport - Heathrow began showing series 2 this week.

New season of Air Crash Investigations currently in the process of airing.

So sad to not see anymore Pan Am. A series involving the best age of aviation, a fantastic airline, politics, history and a fantastic cast. Any cast consisting of Margot Robbie and Christina Ricci is a fantastic cast and a VERY good looking cast :).