Airbus A319 Light vs A319 High Density

Hi, I was reading a lot of comments about the cabin capacity and seat size. I'm starting to believe that the new seating configuration is based on the size of cabin, not the number of seats the manufacturer offers. In the old cabin editor, if the manufacturer says you can carry 180 passengers on an airplane, it means you can install 180 standard seats. Now, the seating depends on the size of the cabin in the aircraft. A very good example is this from my fleet. I used both A319 light as well as A319 High Density. In the old configuration, I think I had a difference of +10 seats for the high density model. But in the new configuration, surprise! I can only get the same number of seats for both. Right now, they're both configured at 100 Comfort Plus and 5 Recliner Longhaul with 100% cabin usage. I believe the size of the cabin is the same in both aircrafts. Maybe in reality, the high density is created using smaller seats and less seat pitch to increase the number of passengers you can fit into a A319. But it is essentially the same size as a regular A319. My conclusion, seating used to be calculated based on manufacturer's suggested number of seats. Now, it just depends on the size of the cabin. Maybe the AS team should include in the airplane's data the size of the cabin rather than the number of "standard" seats it can hold.

Hi Peter,

The A319 is a strange one but not the only example of this happening. Basically an A319 cabin is exactly the same size no matter high density or not. What makes an A319 HD is a 2nd set of overwing exits which due to evacuation times been shorter means the maximum seats increases from 149 to 156 (they may be slightly different numbers).

What that means in AS is that if you use slimline HD seats, on a normal 319, you will be stopped at 149. With an HD you will squeeze in 156. However if you use any of the larger seats where it is impossible to fit more than 149 seats in, the capacity will be the same due to floor plan been the same.

Hope that helps


Yeah, that was exactly my thought exactly. If it weren't for the great deal on the lease, I'd probably return it and get a regular one, which is lower in cost and more fuel efficient.